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RT @iamanuj7: Who's khan is your favorite according to old movie ?? RT-SRK Fav-Salman
@Aish_Is_Love @dilwala_SRK chumma bistar queen ki fan. ho chutiyapa to tumhare khun me h.
@SRK_FC Check out the SRK Tribue! If u love Bollywood u wil love this! Plz Share +... by @iamsrk via @c0nvey
RT @iamsrk: Such hardwork and ur video made me nostalgic about my work. Thank you and bless you.
@uttamknights @ShiriishKunder Par SRK to isse bhi bada kutta hai
@ts__mau その通りです。 こうやって生きて生活してる限り私たちは人間です。 それは誰にも変えられない事実です。 なにかあったら抱え込んじゃだめですよ?(´・_・`) 人間は時に共存しながら生きてかなきゃ生きられないんです。 無理だけはしないでください。
RT @iamsrk: Day off for assimilating pieces of life. Dushman mera Don2 is on air.flying to marrakesh tonite for retrospect of my films. So much & more
RT @__natalia_t__: @iamsrk my 4th letter 2 u.Wrote with tears,cs it ws hard 2 write.But I did it 4 u,cs I lv u #__natalia_t__LETTER_SRK
#FlawlessFriday STYLE is an expression of individualism mixed with CHARISMA- perfectly describes SRK 😍
@srk_fanzzzz arey Dil k sab darwaze khol......
@dp_srk_rk look babe she is already mine I know its hard to digest bt its the truth y are u are always after my belongings srk sid now dp :/
@srk_kmm そーだね同じ次元だよねこちらこそ仲良くしてね😦💟
And it has confirmed again that I've a phooti kismat SRK in Holland nd I don't know the exact location and Barun in London when I've exams 😭
RT @SAMTHEBESTEST: "I can year anything for a Film. For me #Josh was the highest point of fashion. I like cargos. They don't make good cargos anymore." - SRK.
RT @BeingShiva_: Combined business of top 3 Adjusted nett gross(1994-99) : Salman -> 1226cr SRK -> 1051cr AK -> 742cr #BOI
. @souravraj295 Srk Ko Hi Promote Karna Hai Mujhe 😂😂😂 Dr Srk Ko Dekho 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @RaeesHere
@27b9210aa6234ae respect ur love for SRK but try to listen others too..not expected such cheap word from SRK lover @mariappanl @Nisha__Hindu
RT @iamsrk: He: We Won? Me: No Son. He: Why Papa? Me: Wat Son!
@srk_pankhi Mera purana le le samsung ka 😂😂
@SRK_style じゃあまくたの股間は来世なにがいいの?まくたの股間?
@Aish_Is_Love @dilwala_SRK aur ha aish is love nhi. aish is kutiya bolo. safed kutiya. bache k sath chumma chati. bloody tharkan.
@nela4everSRKfan @SRKism @iamsrk @AhmedZaman94 @SRK_FC Desh Mein Ek Hi King Hota Hai Aur Vo Hai SRK
RT @IAmHend: Ppl need to understand that SRK is an Indian World loved him as Indian, loved & knew India more only because of him ❤ #JioOnlyForSRK