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@Venuseswilliams is looking radiant as ever. Thanks for giving us midwesterners some hope that spring is near. Spri… https://t.co/bESNT7IQqM
A little before the halfway point, CHS gets sprung on a 2-on-0. Ozzy carries the puck in and feeds it to the center… https://t.co/FZb3sbK70b
RT @bukowski_quote: "The nine-to-five is one of the greatest atrocities sprung upon mankind. You give your life away to a function that doesn't interest you."
RT @SarahWardAU: #ICYMI - Spring has sprung and its almost time to get back in the water. If surveying a wreck is on your 'to do' li… https://t.co/LLeXCBs47D
RT @lysssabliss: i bring up my boyfriend every chance i get & im pretty sure everyone hates me. what can i saaayyyy? i’m SPRUNG https://t.co/9CrszJizmq
RT @LaFemmeWoodbury: Spring has sprung at La Femme this week! 💐 #springcolors #brafitting #lingerieboutique #librastore #brashopping… https://t.co/S5IkwXWlst
I be too sprung to steal out their purses, ugh lmal
Spring has sprung and we're soaking up the sun! If anyone needs us, we'll be vaping around #CapitolHill with our pu… https://t.co/022kJ3jp66
RT @timnelson_mpr: Something under the 10th Street bridge in Minneapolis has sprung quite a leak. This is turning into one heck of a w… https://t.co/8Tij3C5gZa
@realDonaldTrump If the Mueller investigation is a hoax it was designed to distract you while the SDNY, the NY stat… https://t.co/loQOPdN1pw
RT @mass_spec1: Some new paint for the home throw facility @aretethrows @ORHSXC Spring has sprung in East Tennessee! @SNCCCTF… https://t.co/tUyMshFeRD
Spring has sprung at last in The Cathedral Close, Norwich @ Norwich, Norfolk https://t.co/qjIMhHuFb5
I see buds of white magnolia, they are beginning to swell. Spring has sprung🌸 ハクモクレンの蕾が膨らんでるやん。家の近所にあったんやね。
Spring has sprung! "Nearly-naked" yellow cupcakes with blackberry lavender jam filling and white chocolate buttercr… https://t.co/P4D9EKRLRx
@InjuredBryd @Veg_MD It has made it to 60 degrees! Spring has sprung!
@AndreinMD @TwitterMoments Yes when we have greed to the detriment of all others that is the billionaires sprung ou… https://t.co/EOxwln8RWX
Olivia Jade looks like an American Girl Doll sprung to life by some witch’s curse, please stop putting her face on the timeline
@HoarseWisperer My main water line to the house sprung a leak. It ran all the way under the driveway. The water lin… https://t.co/fpjtKELcfi
Some new paint for the home throw facility @aretethrows @ORHSXC Spring has sprung in East Tennessee! @SNCCCTFhttps://t.co/tUyMshFeRD
@ArtemisWishfoot I dont believe in any sort of God or divine plan. The fact that life has sprung up on a chunk of r… https://t.co/5lZHFI3V2S
RT @mrfeelswildride: People also uhhhh don't know how things are created at all and have this weird idea that every story, art piece and… https://t.co/xnJFKgSRyS