🍦🍨🍧 @moosebtown in the paper today. Along with @iulovey! https://t.co/1AbIKnJeLZ
I'm on board with Indiana...may not be my favorite but it's a good one! https://t.co/s8L8zzMXoT
@warewolf00 Loving PvZ. Been looking toward to it and it doesn't disappoint. Thanks!
Deal size going up, deal volume going down, shifting later stage. Startups beware, VC's are running away again. https://t.co/Smq9S1YHSQ
@red_jester Tasty. As in one bottle gone. It's high rye and proof, so it's hot. Good flavor. I like my bourbon on the rocks-- so works well.
RT @bbchealth: An autistic boy who can't be touched has connected with a service dog https://t.co/MjuUTytdoo
RT @GovGaryJohnson: Entitlements! With under a minute to go!
RT @NBA: Grizz forward @troywilliams_ elevates for the sick slam to lead Saturday's Top 10 #NBApreseason Plays! https://t.co/7QNTmJiOLH
Vote for @indianauniversity! Best Beautiful College Campus https://t.co/Xj2WfRspFR
I wore a crown all day and won a game of Heartthrob in a Castle. Pretty good day I'd say. https://t.co/ByRgykkzUP
Had my birthday Murder Mystery party. It was in a castle. It was rad. Thanks all for enduring my nerd. https://t.co/xsJbOi3Aar
RT @jpramey: Startup Visa Act is finally making a comeback in the US after the EU showed us how it's done. https://t.co/YzaSOGKnEm
We got Thomas a big ass tablet for Internet browsing. He mostly likes blogs about birds and The Donald's hair. https://t.co/B79uEKyVHY
@MaxTemkin Grats on Blackbox launch. Particularly that gif. Sad it looks like no castle Bday for you this weekend.
AWWW! So happy for Basil and his "FUR-ever" home! https://t.co/coLa0Cr93c
RT @JuntaeDeLane: 5 Minute Linkedin Marketing Plan [Infographic] https://t.co/zlKN74fYQA #socialmedia
There are 8 digital devices and at least 3 internet services involved in this D&D campaign. https://t.co/vNGubHKkob
@AmericanAir yes, it was in regards to vouchers that we want to use for a flight that there were only 3 seats left yesterday!
@AmericanAir I sent a message to Customer Relations 2 days ago and haven't heard a response! When should I?
RT @IUAA: Looks like Herman has some photos to take! What spots on campus would you add to the list? https://t.co/sOee7iO5Mo https://t.co/EtPz4O8FD0
Great crowd, great panel for highalpha speaker series. @ High Alpha https://t.co/sod7o4D8Ls