Vote for @indianauniversity! Best Beautiful College Campus https://t.co/Xj2WfRspFR
I wore a crown all day and won a game of Heartthrob in a Castle. Pretty good day I'd say. https://t.co/ByRgykkzUP
Had my birthday Murder Mystery party. It was in a castle. It was rad. Thanks all for enduring my nerd. https://t.co/xsJbOi3Aar
RT @jpramey: Startup Visa Act is finally making a comeback in the US after the EU showed us how it's done. https://t.co/YzaSOGKnEm
We got Thomas a big ass tablet for Internet browsing. He mostly likes blogs about birds and The Donald's hair. https://t.co/B79uEKyVHY
@MaxTemkin Grats on Blackbox launch. Particularly that gif. Sad it looks like no castle Bday for you this weekend.
AWWW! So happy for Basil and his "FUR-ever" home! https://t.co/coLa0Cr93c
RT @JuntaeDeLane: 5 Minute Linkedin Marketing Plan [Infographic] https://t.co/zlKN74fYQA #socialmedia
There are 8 digital devices and at least 3 internet services involved in this D&D campaign. https://t.co/vNGubHKkob
@AmericanAir yes, it was in regards to vouchers that we want to use for a flight that there were only 3 seats left yesterday!
@AmericanAir I sent a message to Customer Relations 2 days ago and haven't heard a response! When should I?
RT @IUAA: Looks like Herman has some photos to take! What spots on campus would you add to the list? https://t.co/sOee7iO5Mo https://t.co/EtPz4O8FD0
Great crowd, great panel for highalpha speaker series. @ High Alpha https://t.co/sod7o4D8Ls
Uhh... what? -- "Giving merchants a 360 degrees omnichannel package for a holistic user experience"
If I had a dollar for every time I lose the remote while I'm on the couch for this surgery, I'd be rich!
@MaxTemkin @djcaff263 Trying to play it and TIme Stories. Hard to find time. Campaign games r killing me, but so good. I blame @mikeselinger
@benhuh @McCarron @MaxTemkin If I recall, u met with Ben pushing 4 characters in Max's werewolf. History repeats itself...now with petitions
That's the staple that was in my knee. Now I have a shiny screw! Surgery complete and now at… https://t.co/IBqZKn1lnQ