@sprint and I were made for eachother, we're both slow and unreliable.
RT @_adriannekta: @_TreSmooV_ @IamKsmoov I have sprint they ass as fuck
@jade_Amanse10 @BIackKodak then there's me....bitch might just sprint till she gets it
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Le sprint pour aller a ma voiture il est tellement éprouvant a cet h la
Whole time my mama got sprint 😒
https://t.co/2aP2z1cXyr, Peace Love Jennifer Holliday, ❤🌹
RT @RobSummers33: Good players sprint. Bad players jog 🏀
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@sprint_fan おつぴ\(^^)/
@derby1592 @CarsoniPH GP Turf Sprint. Should be a mouth watering price!
@shinozakiai_226 ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノおはよう
Dropping panties like a sprint call 😏
Good cutters sprint, bad cutter jog. @dandakich
@EbadianVII @sprint Like I understand now why people complain about it so much, I have no signal from my bed
how am I expected to make real life decisions when I still turn off the lights and then sprint to my bed so monsters don’t get me
@peculiarGURL_ omg I can't stand either. lol I use to be addicted to sprint and cola
Good players sprint. Bad players jog 🏀
RT @runnersworld: 3 reasons to put short intervals in your workout rotation. https://t.co/8uES3UkR9U https://t.co/4xb1MzMexk
修論書き終わった\(^^)/ https://t.co/k15V4Q0YNn
@sprint_fan ありがとにゃ😉若い子とマッチング成立\(^O^)/青田買い♪♪
@koitaro_metal 多くの方に見てもらいたいですけどね〜
RT @yochum: Scrum Myths: It is ok to have a Sprint 0, Design Sprint, Hardening Sprint… https://t.co/uF7Ruh59pH #agile #scrum https://t.co/0wn7wjTFQo