RT @NowwaCorp: Animating a sprint jump, wip 2 #BulletVille #indiedev #gamedev #gaming #madewithunity #screenshotsaturday by Kelly https://t.co/2zA1Ml2GEG
@fatbaldguyracin One turn mile is a sprint. Two turn mile a route. Same as mile 40 or mile 1/16
I am so mad, sad with just #sprint Sid to us.(1)
I’d be looking for someone who can center the third line vs a 4th liner who has to sprint off the ice for a change… https://t.co/vXQqzRBxIq
RT @JonDBlitz: Loved visiting with this energetic group of new hires @sprint in #NewOrleans! #Firedup #Nowater #ice @RickUrias… https://t.co/AlJPAvnVCo
Pasang List Body Hitam Vespa Sprint Adventure ke Primavera, Biar Lebih Sporty https://t.co/AaM9ndzDGI
It’s a marathon not a sprint but I still gotta win the race
RT @PureIntensityBB: UNSELFISH players: 🏀Are win driven 🏀Shoot within the offense 🏀Work hard on defense 🏀Thank the passer 🏀Make the extr… https://t.co/CRL0NrHMVa
Ppl that sprint at the beginning then walk the rest of the way in relationships/friendships <<<<
RT @retroglo: how to be a successful musician: 1. make good music 2. know what you're about 3. have good photos 4. know how to us… https://t.co/cJWRqcg8eL
And another happy family 'Sprint'ing over to AT&T. Reliable and unlimited data + free HBO?! Heck yeah!!! #ihx #unlimitedhappiness
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@AMErikaNGIRLBOT Join Robinhood and we'll both get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure… https://t.co/HBuOpxlqBp
@High_Councilor Batman’s eyes widened in shock as the building came down into pieces. “Now you’ve made me mad.” Bat… https://t.co/Xt8HzyRxDq
Heading into 4th SDA 9 CV 3! Go Mustangs! CV wins the sprint to start the 4th..
RT @AaronNagler: No, "wrong" is calling a sprint out and taking away half the field on a gotta-have-it down. But I digress... https://t.co/U0Lf3k7FwK
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@WolfOfBrickell Join Robinhood and we'll both get a share of stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint for free. Make sure… https://t.co/hNam8HhOjl
Greipel's 13th overall @tourdownunder stage win ended a race marred by two late crashes which saw up to 16 riders m… https://t.co/gTKHUCUCd8
RT @DaynaDsSim: #ADVOCACY needs to become a part of our culture. This is marathon, not a sprint. #Strategy with measurable… https://t.co/KbbH4PfH52
@DameWebb Switch to Verizon, I get cell service where my friends don’t (They use mainly AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile)