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RT @Renee_Hopkins: More in 1st #BIF2016 videos: @williamctaylor @RossESzabo @jeggers, Rick Miller (Olin) and Brandon Barnett (Intel) - https://t.co/Ma2NB2HJXL
Incredible #VR helps paraplegics walk again https://t.co/iXi5yc8obA #amazing Pls watch the video Thx @acroll for th… https://t.co/UqGuEuq905
I'm a sucker for #startups & #Boston but them together https://t.co/NnlPyRKiyF Great list showing the diversity the BOS ecosystem has!
“I went every Saturday, it changed my life" https://t.co/0aREMRISJ1 Congrats @museumofscience & thx @MikeBloomberghttps://t.co/VVBJ6YJKJk
Some more beauty & inspriation for your day https://t.co/GvVZ5yrO2g Pics from '50s in Hong Kong by a teenager AWESOME!
Teaching a machine to transcribe https://t.co/50eN2jfaeY Incredible achievement by @Microsoft Do read the last sentence; it is most critical
For beautiful sound at many famous halls to the Internet, we have Leo Beranek to thank #RIP https://t.co/ipBTDU1FHy #Boston OG #startup BBN
Opps & challenges for women entrepreneurs via @banupan @We_BOS event https://t.co/dVr5Jajqea This Friday #illbethere #WeBOSweek
Thx @mashable for sharing a kitchen invention for ppl w trouble using both arms https://t.co/TZRBxZwrul Congrats Loren Lim & Oneware
@schnieselwiesel äh, Mittwoch wäre ich dann wieder bei euch .. ;)
@eckiiii naja oder halt ganz pragmatisch in jedem Zimmer 1-2 verteilen ..
#amazon #dash ok ok, aber das Highlight ist doch der Durex-Dash Button?! https://t.co/Qbrq3m2KTA https://t.co/U6z88XhZVH
@KatzUndTinte nö, das geht bei mir (nach login) automatisch. Dafür wechselt gerne mal die Sprache von DE auf EN ..
RT @iyad_elbaghdadi: Why those who wish for sustainable ideological shifts cannot ignore capacity building https://t.co/d0DldV8g8C
This is happening to me way too often lately. @ATT or @waze issue? https://t.co/C8oug1BXoo
10 days & loads of patience l8r, at my wits end w @IBM's warranty support. #ibmatl, anyone listening? I used to praise your service
Living in amazing times: talking #ai via Skype w a prospect in Cape Town from a sidewalk cafe in SF #bostonight https://t.co/tSwGTQ34xr
Yes, yes, yes! Explainable #ai is what we shld demand https://t.co/A2Ekqw2vgT @NaraLogics has it now https://t.co/jkYms9i9Z0
Entertaining and some nice take aways: The Star Wars Guide to the Net Promoter Score® https://t.co/TOIC83kU4O https://t.co/hYHONHLZmq
Many people see success as happening overnight. Watch this, be him https://t.co/fA0GFKPpVB DECADES of work 2 get 2 this overnight success <3
Even tho you missed early bird pricing, don't miss this conf! We are focused on the collision of #ai & business. https://t.co/x7hbjFlCA1
Can't wait to talk #ai @bosconference in a few wks. Use my code to get free workshop w your ticket https://t.co/bEJSosyVcR See you there!