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@mariasmora11 @jrb20009 There's better ways to spread activism than sitting down for the national anthem cause you'… https://t.co/jMNlZsoYiX
RT @RedTRaccoon: Please RETWEET Morgan Freeman's message about Russian involvement in our election This is an extremely clear expla… https://t.co/BU3GRa2DEG
RT @AssaulttSethu: A shout out to support Vaisali Manohar financially.. Kudos to @gvprakash for his help 👍 Do spread the word !… https://t.co/Pjmp6l5v9X
The Facebook video has a MILLION views!!! Chooooo! RT this and spread the #OldLove https://t.co/qdXv1AzmHl
@GemmaTeres Totally irresponsible to spread this. And you claim yourself a journalist? Shame on you!
@JeffCoffinMusic best of luck tonight and thank you for the amazing love you guys spread!
Communication key to preventing spread of drug-resistant bacteria https://t.co/GhgNPtoYaf
RT @hugsdyo: synnara has restocked the albums. u know what to do know fam. help spread https://t.co/dGTAYeoqgT
Spread love. That shit is beautiful.
RT @AssaulttSethu: A shout out to support Vaisali Manohar financially.. Kudos to @gvprakash for his help 👍 Do spread the word !… https://t.co/Pjmp6l5v9X
RT @TCU_Keem: TCU tryouts coming soon retweet n spread the word lets see how many ppl really tryna b down for the team!!!
This is me with @chriscolfer books. Always ready to spread the TLOS and Chris love...💖 https://t.co/E4kAfXgruW
RT @WICKEDXWAYS1972: Twitter Storm Sunday's at 1PM est Tweet Sheet https://t.co/C1WxIzwLdK Paste Bin https://t.co/WuCFeJCc75 Help… https://t.co/kFiBNSeR64
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RT @curdistani: Over 35 Millions of Kurds spread across middle east support South Kurdistan' referendum by heart& this should be kn… https://t.co/u1evjW4G4H
RT @pcyyv: d.o ㅡcasually letting bbh suck on his fingers ㅡ praising him on everything he does + neck stroking ㅡ "daddy wants… https://t.co/EsOTheVsPw
RT @missmelanita: @Lin_Manuel Please spread the word!!! 🇵🇷 https://t.co/RPKI2Pp8Ps
RT @BigStick2013: NFL & NBA really want to piss off 63 million Trump Supporters then 🔥🔥Time to Boycott 🔥🔥 #NFLBoycott #NBABoycott RT - Spread the message
RT @lesliekeesuper: SPREAD the HOPE project Phiotographed by LESLIE KEE 渡辺直美/マドモアゼル・ユリア/生駒里奈/浦浜アリサ/ローレン・サイ #SPREADtheHOPE… https://t.co/J5zqY1a2OU
@snowberrytae @Taeshoneymenu Vote for 'DNA' 1st WIN on IDOL CHAMP 1)Download 2)Login W Facebook 3)Vote Three times… https://t.co/5sddFIs9Sa
RT @rimaumalaysia: Spread this, again and again and again. make it better 😉💪 https://t.co/BsqWbX6hTn
RT @Daire301: @purplebirdman felt like getting a possum all hot and bothered, and wanted everyone to see his legs get spread My… https://t.co/tkQrCol1Wx
@AmazingSeungal Wow are you to say no? 👏 Go ahead and spread your legs for an my married man that asks you to
RT @Laurie_Garrett: Highly drug resistant #malaria emerged in #Cambodia & has now spread the length of #Vietnam . Death rates rising. https://t.co/bkMcEPM4j6