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RT @CiciBettaCCMe: You should do what works for y’all. RT @nellithetiger: Should a man pay 100% of the rent or should couples split rent and utilities 50/50?
RT @mccallandmorgan: Y’all remember when Helena gave Samantha a penny cause that’s all she was worth it? Well less cause she had to spli… https://t.co/PgYHtZXt65
@Loduv Wow! @JimCarrey has high morals while just a few years ago, look what he did to Jenny McCarthy's son. https://t.co/6lmVJriIgd
@killazilla Ahhhhhhhhhhh🧐🧐🧐. Made me think about that one for a split sec, but you’re right
RT @BradPittShare: Angelina Jolie's 10 Best Revenge Looks Since Splitting From Brad Pitt - Hollywood Life https://t.co/2RQNGuNj9C
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Friends' Matt LeBlanc says 'she's fine' amid split https://t.co/KzvQxipZJJ
RT @sdutkirKDKenney: College baseball roundup: Aztecs open with three-game sweep of UCSB; Toreros, Tritons split respective series https://t.co/BmNr1c48ox
RT @fawfulfan: This is a terrific map. It keeps as many counties and cities contiguous as possible and doesn't deliberately split… https://t.co/YA4RutPQbC
RT @labellaZILLA: On top of whatever other tips you get that night. Minus whatever you gotta split with the bartender. That’s still a lot
[PATROCINADO] Seja Fit! 60 dias para mudar de vida https://t.co/lS3UDHB4yl RT @bandnewsfmrio: Alerj investiga esqu… https://t.co/O35FBGLhgd
devise melodies, write lyrics, change your mood with their music and yet people are calling them unintelligent? Wel… https://t.co/VZGxlmcnD6
@Kyle_Whitlatch A level playing field is a Democrat controlled court imposing a lean Democrat map 7 years after the… https://t.co/sER92qNiTI
RT @BB_Updates: Mark- If Ari wins, I almost shouldnt put up Omarosa. I dont want to split any votes. Ross is going to vote for Omar… https://t.co/L8iMTe8hVs
RT @wrldwideclo: Quick Custom “Worldwide Split Tee” https://t.co/xoaY9Qewqc
RT @Versace: #JenniferLawrence arrived in a velvet #VersacePreFall18 gown with gold Medusa buttons and a high front split at the… https://t.co/24XH0EQWK0
EU LCS Mic Check: Week 5 | Spring Split 2018 - https://t.co/SOp7TkAYhH
Would y’all be mad if you had to split your $11,000 tip with like 6-8 people cause that’s how the spot you work at operates?
a scorpio/libra cusp just announced their sign and I was like cusps are great and they said I know, I am the best,… https://t.co/zyhlaNTejh
RT @thomaspotter021: @OuijaVector @MsSaboteur @Far_Right_Watch @henderson_ed UKIP was a Tory ploy to split the marginals to help Tory vote. Job done in 2010 GE.
RT @ggkuma_: E eu to sim muito feliz de estar começando a fazer parte disso, mas hoje os donos do dia são o @Kennedyszin, o… https://t.co/YBhqaEf3x7
RT @GarySmi93512379: @DaveVescio I stand behind my president Trump. These problems in America started a long time ago. Dave I think you… https://t.co/EqMCk3B1ik
RT @Tyrone_KB: @SpaceOut_G remember the split screen halo days? She would play sometimes.....she was like 7. 👴🏿👴🏿👴🏿