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Grading DNA replication videos! This one got a 100% 😊 great job!! https://t.co/TbbM5m7coF
Production line for the splice closure https://t.co/Zp4wcpXiSx
RT @uglyandbitter: Kate moss looks like Splice
@tooka0806 !!とても楽しみにしています!!! 自分も差し入れ用意して待ってます😎✨
Lynx decommissions from Fleet Air Arm service today. Fitting occasion for a Splice the Mainbrace rum issue in naval… https://t.co/f8jExbcJQk
@DeportDemocrats @Thomas1774Paine that's a comma splice in your first sentence. Also thanks for your service, we appreciate your sacrifice
Attacker was British-born, and yet the sellers of hate still try to splice this to immigration #london #parliament terrorism
RT @jclinicalinvest: Opioid receptor C-terminal splice variants direct diverse morphine-induced behavioral responses… https://t.co/TOaLkdmoax
splice:スプライシング の
A novel aberrant splice site mutation in COL27A1 is responsible for Steel syndrome and extension of the phenotype … https://t.co/NiDX6K877S
Now Playing on #METARADIO :'Ears Have Ears' coming next in 06h05min : 'Splice Free' listen at https://t.co/vjKjUlALzH
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/41KVfDS47Z the price is right - come on down theme 1976 (splice)
RT @maturiuta: 3月26日の東方合同祭事の月の宴にてうどクラ本「狂想ルナティックメモリーズ」を何も問題がなければ頒布します!大きめな宣伝は元気なときに https://t.co/kYieGoKbAa
RT @arai_togami: この前のさとり様の隣に映姫様を追加したのだ https://t.co/uJSw37BE3q
RT @kMappe: 「小町…お願いだからその服はやめて…!」 https://t.co/0ZHMSN5rsW
comma splice. two independent clauses should be separated by either a period or a semicolon. https://t.co/4L3fYuJ5S5
I know this is a comma splice. The person who wrote it should have used a semi-colon, not a comma, b https://t.co/QOsmppY0Ug
Almost as beautiful as a splice of @EliasTheodorou's hair and @MireikaEdwards' face! 😱🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/xNEAB92utE
RT @grantymalanty: Please #RT deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz - Let Go by Psychasm https://t.co/l4C5uHCkKY via @splice #trance #trancehouse #uplifting #musicians
Now Playing on #METARADIO :'Ears Have Ears' coming next in 07h05min : 'Splice Free' listen at https://t.co/vjKjUlALzH
Devise its Hebrews, squawk Crimplene guddle Muse. Meld ilka one allspice, driegh hant west like splice.… https://t.co/749YYXfaht
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