Spiral Tap

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@LanceFrisco Ryback would steal the spiral tap
Styles broke up a submission hold with the Spiral Tap. WOW.
@AJStylesOrg will you please do The Spiral Tap just 1 more time !
@AJStylesOrg You need to start doing the phenomenal moves that you used to do like:the spiral tap and more flips and tricks
@crotchstomp Imagine if the only way AJ can beat him is breaking out the Spiral Tap as a last stitch effort
@AJStylesOrg are you going to ever use the spiral tap in wwe? I've been waiting to see it.
Going to pop when Styles brings out the Spiral Tap at WrestleMania against Cena.
I liked a @YouTube video from @jaredbalsley https://t.co/rXSCDo80GG WWE 2K17 Aj Styles Champion Entrance! W Spiral Tap, Signature and
WWE 2K17 Aj Styles Champion Entrance! W Spiral Tap, Signature and Finisher! (XBOX ONE/PS4): https://t.co/rXSCDo80GG via @YouTube
@AmazingRed1 random question.. but I saw you mocapped for 2K17, Did you mocap the Spiral Tap?
@sugarhardy @SlaySaraSlay43 #ooc Like Annie has only busted out the Spiral Tap twice so far in title matches
@SlaySaraSlay43 #ooc I might just keep spiral tap 😔
Does anybody know if Aj Styles spiral tap is going to be in wwe 2k17
How will @CMPuLs3 react if AJ pulls out the spiral tap at Backlash? #IGShow
RT @KBW_KAGE: Springboard Rope-to-Rope Spiral Tap! (Corkscrew Front Flip) Putting the world on notice Fuego Del Sol is here! https://t.co/PQLfx6dUvS
@Sam_Boy_Wonder @Hoodiez26 spiral tap is crazy rare. I hope he does it in 2 weeks in his championship match. Would be too fitting
@AlmightyStross @YouTube that reminds me of the Spiral Tap... God I wish AJ would do that more.
@AJStylesOrg will the #WWEUniverse ever see the Spiral Tap? It was a great move. Maybe something for the future!
@AJStylesOrg Will we ever see you use the Spiral tap in WWE?
AJ Styles to win the WWE Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 33 with a Spiral Tap. Calling it now.
I really hope @AJStylesOrg busts out the Spiral Tap at Backlash. Seems like an appropriate WWE debut for it.