Spiral Tap

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@LanceFrisco Ryback would steal the spiral tap
Styles broke up a submission hold with the Spiral Tap. WOW.
@AJStylesOrg will you please do The Spiral Tap just 1 more time !
@AJStylesOrg You need to start doing the phenomenal moves that you used to do like:the spiral tap and more flips and tricks
@crotchstomp Imagine if the only way AJ can beat him is breaking out the Spiral Tap as a last stitch effort
@AJStylesOrg are you going to ever use the spiral tap in wwe? I've been waiting to see it.
I liked a @YouTube video from @jaredbalsley https://t.co/rXSCDo80GG WWE 2K17 Aj Styles Champion Entrance! W Spiral Tap, Signature and
WWE 2K17 Aj Styles Champion Entrance! W Spiral Tap, Signature and Finisher! (XBOX ONE/PS4): https://t.co/rXSCDo80GG via @YouTube
@AmazingRed1 random question.. but I saw you mocapped for 2K17, Did you mocap the Spiral Tap?
@sugarhardy @SlaySaraSlay43 #ooc Like Annie has only busted out the Spiral Tap twice so far in title matches
@SlaySaraSlay43 #ooc I might just keep spiral tap 😔
Does anybody know if Aj Styles spiral tap is going to be in wwe 2k17
How will @CMPuLs3 react if AJ pulls out the spiral tap at Backlash? #IGShow
RT @KBW_KAGE: Springboard Rope-to-Rope Spiral Tap! (Corkscrew Front Flip) Putting the world on notice Fuego Del Sol is here! https://t.co/PQLfx6dUvS
@Sam_Boy_Wonder @Hoodiez26 spiral tap is crazy rare. I hope he does it in 2 weeks in his championship match. Would be too fitting
@AlmightyStross @YouTube that reminds me of the Spiral Tap... God I wish AJ would do that more.
@AJStylesOrg will the #WWEUniverse ever see the Spiral Tap? It was a great move. Maybe something for the future!
@AJStylesOrg Will we ever see you use the Spiral tap in WWE?
AJ Styles to win the WWE Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 33 with a Spiral Tap. Calling it now.
I really hope @AJStylesOrg busts out the Spiral Tap at Backlash. Seems like an appropriate WWE debut for it.
@bruno_funny @WWENXT @steveofcrazzy @AJStylesOrg Styles did the Spiral Tap in 2013. That wasn't long ago. WWE won't let him do it