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RT @colin_dunlap: busting out after a spinal tap. lots of rest now. toughest girl I know. help kids like this if you feel so compell… https://t.co/A6PMNcWTx9
@MJMcKean How come we don't see a Spinal Tap Podcast? 🤔😂😀👍
@bbcthree Launch of Spinal Tap Mk. 2: “Jazz Odyssey” https://t.co/VrCdeN5hPe
RT @StickGirlTrioth: U2's homage to "This is Spinal Tap" Stonehenge. #u2 #U2eiTour2018 #u2eitour #u2songsofexperience… https://t.co/j5nrokz4mL
RT @PalestDame: When Spinal Tap want to turn it to 11 https://t.co/9neoFcyGzT
When Spinal Tap want to turn it to 11 https://t.co/9neoFcyGzT
My Brain Leakin Fluid 'Un-Authorized Spinal Tap' 52 Shots Brain Said I Was Crazy Did not look crazy 25 yrs ago Now… https://t.co/8jKl0KNczI
@ericdabbs42 Must be annoying to think of a title only to see it already used. Here's Spinal Tap's Shark Sandwich r… https://t.co/eyOw6RSyyn
Spinal Tap isn't coming back but Smalls is. https://t.co/6LbZl4Gapr
Bit of a Spinal Tap Stonehenge moment, ordered this planter for the garden - think we got our feet and inches mixed… https://t.co/pZwo5aZYxQ
@55true4u He needs to watch this scene from his movie ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. He and the media are at a constant ‘11’… https://t.co/xW4C8vmhWR
@chrissyteigen Ya’ll saying ‘c section FTW’ ✋🏻 Sure your vag doesnt rip but i just had my uterus and abdomen sliced… https://t.co/GsXGZb4uNH
This is Spinal Tap these go up to 11 except with crickets because the jo... https://t.co/vbTmxd4Hkd via @YouTube
@Bacon_Dad_ I liked Aerosmith until I saw them in concert in 1983. The show was horrible. Think “Spinal Tap,” playing the wedding
RT @siriusxmvolume: On the next episode of TRUE STORIES: Spinal Tap bassist @SmallsLife! Hear the full interview on Monday 5/21 at 1pm… https://t.co/Jf6swbzP4U
@iamAtheistGirl Have you considered Drowning Pool, Let the Bodies Hit The Floor? Make sure, like Spinal Tap, to tu… https://t.co/9i7OUsYfx3
@briangaar They were a living breathing spinal tap joke
@ericdabbs42 Shark Peninsular Shark Bay Island of the Shark Teeth (a bit like jaws) Shark Sandwich (damn Spinal Tap… https://t.co/9vS4t05gO3
@IsaacsHauntedB I mean I kind of think everyone should. It’s basically the rap version of Spinal Tap.
Just realised we have a Spinal Tap baby milk machine. https://t.co/ef15xQsXZj
3/3 8pm THE INCREDIBLES***** (Disney) 9pm ROBOCOP***** (1987, Scifi/Horror) 1115pm CHINATOWN***** (Classics) 1115pm… https://t.co/x8pa9QclWW
@Honeybeemtb @robdelaney Working on a Sex Farm by Spinal Tap
Deadpool 2 missed the biggest opportunity for a Spinal Tap reference and I can’t forgive them.
RT @SIRIUSXM: After 25 years of retirement, @toddrundgren is reuniting Todd Rundgren's Utopia for a North American tour!🙌 This ne… https://t.co/46xUTENpOQ