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I did a spinal tap, I mean a 6' submarine. a 6" sub is… a very different thing, and one which would probably have b… https://t.co/tWcI7RScP3
It's spinal tap day today lads. https://t.co/bDaiMv6esg
Somehow forgot what an absolute comedic masterpiece”This Is Spinal Tap” is.
@MeleahHat Aw I’m just glad he’s here and you’re okay♥️ so you had a normal birth, did you get the spinal tap ? I forgot the name rn lol
@realDonaldTrump Never thought I’d live to see the day a President of the United States would try and pull a “Spina… https://t.co/ZN02O8SiUw
"spinal tap" sounds way more like a wrestling move than a medical procedure
[映画チラシまとめサイト] スパイナル タップ  - 「スパイナル・タップ」(Spinal Tap、原題:This Is Spinal... https://t.co/VHMaEXeoj1 #movie
@robreiner This is Spinal Tap (and what it does to you) The same dude that used to put down Archie Bunker for being… https://t.co/tTdH1hF5QI
Cups And Cakes - Spinal Tap - DJ Sappy Davis Jr. - Both Kinds https://t.co/gplMv0n8Vu
@MgntcSound Definitely This is Spinal Tap. Tenacious D is a close second.
"dude in that house is watching This Is Spinal Tap" "what's that, like a TV show?" fuck
@bumpypitch Se que te duele, se que lastima. It’ll be like Argentine leagues version of spinal tap https://t.co/5Yt0UVP7VU
RT @wfuv: Do you love "This is Spinal Tap?" Then don't miss FUV Live at 8 and a session with bassist #DerekSmalls… https://t.co/p7JhVXvYDW
3 Reiners are indelible: PRINCESS BRIDE, WHEN HARRY MET SALLY, THIS IS SPINAL TAP. (in ascendent order.) only SPINA… https://t.co/fnuecomiZN
@Bickley_Marotta @JonBloom @RhettReese @Vincemarotta @JarrettGC Blazing Saddles, The Heat, Caddyshack, Spinal Tap
@Veronic91764722 My first symptoms were Transverse mylenitis and I was in a wheel chair for 2 months and used a wal… https://t.co/c12bOiOg3r
@tonyposnanski This episode of Spinal Tap: The Presidency will play on a loop in 10 years and get funnier with ever… https://t.co/BspRpRx9r1
This spinal tap fuckd me up
@BishopUmbers @scecclesia Just finished watching it. A tad dry. Like Spinal Tap or Best in Show. But not as funny or well acted.