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@ThisIsMunroe oh no! I hope you get things sorted out quickly *fingers crossed*
RT @TomesB3: An unfinished drawing of #SpiderManPS4 😊 by: me @EvanFilarca @gabrielcalves_ @JohnBubniak @BillRosemann… https://t.co/OdPjMxCnFw
@Rocket_GOTG0426 음, 아직 커다란 구멍은 나지 않았지만... 계속 스트레스를 받는다면 분명 더 심해질거야. 마치 ✌대머리 독수리✌처럼 말이지! 그 친구처럼 되고 싶지 않다면 조심하는게 좋을거야😉
My cousins told me “all I head was a high pitched scream and watched you fall in slow motion” Vianay told me she h… https://t.co/GQjfAsKGz3
like, on one hand I’m all for tony stark the parental figure coming in to help but on the other hand having momen… https://t.co/A9U2U0tcyT
RT @akispanagiot: Γιορτή της γυναίκας-μητέρας. Χρόνια πολλά, πυροτεχνήματα, φαγητό σε εστιατόρια, απενεργοποίηση πυρηνικών Γιορτή του πατέρα. Α, εντάξει
@MySubBoxIsFull i am choosing to focus on spidey
RT @To_pouli_tou_Ro: Όλη μέρα μπάλα και πολιτική, αν ψήφιζα και ΠΑΣΟΚ, θα με καμάρωνε σίγουρα ο μπαμπάς μου από κει που είναι
I realized that I'm more of a Red Hood than Nightwing
RT @lee_si_yul_: #여성소비총파업 이거 매월 첫번째 주 일요일마다 한대요 오지지 않습니가? https://t.co/GjixKCOoMB
So no, I don't give a shit what Laura Bush has to say about it. She is just as much at fault as the rest of us and more than many.
RT @muzigaedduck: RT이벤)) 제가 지금 학교에서 친구관계에 문제가 생겨서 6월 25일날 전학을 갑니다! 만약 전학을 가서 친구를 잘 사귄다면 6월 27일날 당발로 알티추첨 한분 베르님 스파이더맨 스트랩 드릴게요💕 https://t.co/0argKV9mkl
RT @tomicksn: !! SPIDEY VANS GIVEAWAY !! •rt this tweet •mbf •international (as long as vans can ship to your country) •must be o… https://t.co/QGnlS3rCv2
RT @marvelmex: Spidey necesita más que un abogado para luchar contra el Kingpin. https://t.co/Uex2IhlA2T
Ion like when i don’t here from my nigga atleast once a day (unless they on blocked communication) like i know he o… https://t.co/cLPAg0s29y
RT @311: Celebrating 28 rotations around the sun & still Livin' & Rockin'. See you on tour this Summer! (fan art by @311GUMP… https://t.co/jULfoPLtcW
RT @via__ovo: 탐라에서 본거 토미로 합성 햇어여 ㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ 저렇게 아이폰 잠금화면 사용하면 댐 https://t.co/8qLyYBfhwG
RT @paolaa_janet: I’m 100% convinced my grandma was the reason Mexico won https://t.co/9jBRF5wFPE
I'm not sure how far back the Republican anti-immigrant rhetoric goes, but it certainly predates the Bush era. They… https://t.co/CnWuGCSR9X
RT @to_papagalaki: Στα 'λεγα εγώ για τους Μεξικανούς! #wc18gr https://t.co/81QaeZogag