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RT @bbythena: Flowin like the ocean, sittin pretty like a seashell 🌊🐚 https://t.co/S6gU96zlpR
@SPENCE_JOHN Can only really think of two contrarians (Spencer/Christy) and a lukewarmer (Pielke) who haven't retired.
@Spence_1705 Too bad you're probably already blocked 😂
@Benintendad there is so much more upside to having it legalized than to keeping it illegal. How people don't see this, who knows...
Just got word our horror film won the Audience Award for Best Short! @FrightNightFest. Congrats to the cast & crew!… https://t.co/mTHiYtW6KY
RT @carolinespence_: Just Announced: Los Angeles, CA - Jun 10 at Hotel Cafe https://t.co/gcyfD5kS8u
RT @LottOnBaseball: Will Travis make opening-day roster? “It’s starting to look that way, but nothing definite yet,” Gibbons says, using his all-purpose reply.
@SPENCE_JOHN If you were designing an HIV/AIDS policy, would you invite virologists & public health or those who say HIV doesn't cause AIDS?
@Spence_OnSports @CarrToCoop Lmao i know. But drugs r bad !!!
@CarrToCoop @fransnielsen I literally just told you minutes ago weed kills LESS people than alcohol does
RT @BoxingGeek: Some great fights over the next few weeks: - AJ v Klitschko - Parker v Fury - Canelo v Chavez Jr - Brook v Spence Jr 👊🏻
RT @SoDamnTrue: Everybody with long hair knows the struggle https://t.co/aq8QhgcNEI
@sophieeee182 I think I can take on the army of misfits 😘
RT @elise66666: i hate when people don't talk to u anymore once u tell them ur dating someone, like why can't be just be friends?? i don't understand
@SPENCE_JOHN Reverse seems to be the case. If you're a contrarian/controversialist you get huge media coverage and invite to @HouseScience
RT @LottOnBaseball: Bautista will miss Montreal; attending brother’s wedding. Travis staying in FL to keep him off that awful turf in Olympic Stadium. #BlueJays
@Spence_OnSports @CarrToCoop exactly lmao and how the hell is weed trash lmao. I feel more dangerous to myself and… https://t.co/IzqQOYNRq1
Kell Brook vs. Errol Spence predictions from Jeff Mayweather & Dewey Cooper https://t.co/7ejQdiXjEK via @YouTube
RT @jane_english_: Looking forward to getting my Knees Up & keeping my arms down! Expect Orchestrer or Not? wonderment in a special le… https://t.co/igq8HATnYJ
@fransnielsen @CarrToCoop this will generate so much $$ for Canada