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I added a video to a @YouTube playlist https://t.co/xORsqtbpVz JESSIE VARGAS BELIEVES BROOK WILL SHOW HOW GOOD SPENCE IS "WE ALL GOTTA
RT @keithfthurmanjr: I’m interested in seeing the outcome of #BrookSpence myself, I may even fly there to be a spectator. #OneTime 📰:… https://t.co/ygZiRyjSU5
I LOVE you robert spence! xxx March 24, 2017 at 06:45AM #AlwaysSuperCute
@__spence__ might I ask why? He's the only non-drug addict I know Who still has meth face
@Crazyriversflow @442gaz floyd said that to a 3 fight novice spence and never sparred him again then tried to sign him.
@juansanchez810 @BIGBABYMILLER @DillianWhyte Whyte is fighting on the Brook Spence card.
RT @Sydd__: if this really happened i'd be geeked af https://t.co/VqpeUuE3Pw
@ni7_7 てめぇ!そんな事もできないのかよ!とか言われたら立ち直れないもん…こあい…><
Ok but also who is little mix?
@CarterNixon @JimJarmuschHair @thOMGrab a sandman defender... Checks out... carry on
@__spence__ all within a period of four days
https://t.co/NJPo47ynel❗❗ Grace sayin sum Real shit 😍😊
@__spence__ I was in mostly Scotland for the whole month of October after my mother died my husband asked for a divorce &my sister died
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior [Blu-ray] Mel Gibson, Bruce Spence, George Miller   |   Rated:  R  .. https://t.co/TTLwz6SBnZ
RT @FillWerrell: Rt for yeast rolls from Texas Roadhouse like for Olive Garden breadsticks https://t.co/SS5zD6HiQf
RT @SkySportsBoxing: CONFIRMED - @SpecialKBrook v @ErrolSpenceJr on May 27 at Bramall Lane, live on Sky Sports Box Office… https://t.co/L7HVPT27NY
10 shots in as many seconds. You know what everyone says.. "more is more"
@__spence__ I when I was in England in October I couldn't go seeStonehenge because they were filming fantastic 4 v5. Seriously? WTF?
@garciasmuhniqqa that isn't English. Spence speak imo
I LOVE you robert spence! xxx March 24, 2017 at 06:30AM #AlwaysSuperCute