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@steph1jackson I had put out a poll on 4 possibilities and speed dating won so they found out last night. They had a day to decide.
RT @UNT_TECM: Announcing our #UNTTECM inaugural Student Showcase, April 28 @ 1PM, featuring Portfolio Presentations & Resume Spee… https://t.co/2xScTk0mto
azubi speed dating velbert unternehmen https://t.co/LU7FnneN2n
speed dating cape town river club https://t.co/a4V77r6cWE
RT @daiIyhalsey: Halsey speed dating fans the other day! https://t.co/STUCvYOnEE
Lil sis just told me I need to do speed dating. 😳😂
RT @deutsch_shelly: Speed dating in catechism today! The girls read one article, boys read another and then they had short times to sha… https://t.co/Uao0kRtjQF
Elite Speed Dating / #Chester / Convivio / Thu 30th Mar 7:30 PM / Age Group 25-45 https://t.co/eUbDBB9Tne https://t.co/XvvtKIFPEq
RT @ClichedOut: [speed dating] Her: I'm a vegan. (flashback to me sipping Windex) Me: Yeah, I'm a clean eater too.
Speed Dating: Ages 26-38 (guideline only), 23 Mar 2017 #Nightlife https://t.co/tK9TeF3A86
RT @HarderNews: What I learned from speed dating--for friendship https://t.co/EYsLiAP78k via @voxdotcom
RT @ClichedOut: (speed dating) Her: Favorite music? Superman: WHAM! Her: Favorite Chinese food? S: Kung-POW! Her: Favorite dating activity? S: BANG!
RT @voxdotcom: "I did speed dating — for friendship. Then I realized that meeting people is the easy part.’ https://t.co/RN7YIH3SAO