The maximum wind speed was 50.2 km/h since Wed 16:00 at "TIMMINS CLIMATE"
RT @GilbertPolice: Chewy says, "If you're driving pasta speed limit, use your noodle and slow down! Also, don't drive if you're sauce… https://t.co/OuGXfXyhFH
RT @carmenhchung: Want to know how we halved our memory consumption, and drastically increased speed, in our #RubyonRails app with… https://t.co/dtG3HDhul4
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RT @AJ3: My Mac and my PS4 are wired to the same internet I have 8 ping on speed test, 18 ping on Discord, 29 ping on League… https://t.co/NApmAxvWsa
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RT @timoncheese: That pie from Harry Hill is really travelling at speed when it hits Piers Morgan's face. https://t.co/rKkpOgqPxZ
@SenWarren @realDonaldTrump So the Kingdom's advances for women don't count? What a phone you are Liz! Cry Baby! Sp… https://t.co/Rlw5W3W7HJ
The maximum wind speed was 53.8 km/h since Wed 16:00 at "NORTH BAY AIRPORT"
RT @505Nomad: Glad I took a tripod on Saturday. Watching the splash and dash on high speed is as mesmerizing as it was to watch i… https://t.co/R4MtVRahOS
RT @donghaebluue: So you wanna tell me that if we want to get a full synced dance we have to speed the song up to 2x?? #SuperJunior… https://t.co/FTHvpiCqlF
Ain't nobody gonna take my car I'm gonna race it to the gro~und Ain't nobody gonna beat my car It's gonna break the speed of so~und
RT @nytopinion: The old train between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, which has been running off and on since 1892, takes four times as lon… https://t.co/5c8JPCGli9
@Ohfoohy @LauraMLewis @bhrandoncj @APCentralRegion Screenshots of already blurry video aren't going to help. If you… https://t.co/j5R3JtVjBT
RT @charlieINTEL: This definitely shouldn't be possible.... https://t.co/INN2ikVqSo
No be about who dey goo speed o!!..ebe about who goo reach🚀🏇🏾💥
RT @OWCalifornia: Welcome to California where the weather is made up and the speed limit signs are just suggestions.
With the Nicki Minaj hate train at full speed imagine thinking this is an unpopular opinion 😂 https://t.co/GxG1s0J2aG
RT @tumisole: A lovely pic of them you got there! 👌🏾 https://t.co/TejXZNrnWP
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I asked if he could speed up just bit & he said no. like just straight up said no LMFAOOOO I could walk there faster I wanna cry