@BTCare Lets look at the response I got (see screenshot). Everything looks fine? But I'm not getting the guaranteed… https://t.co/DXH7vzpsKL
12 Balles de golf Nike Golf RZN Speed White https://t.co/xsXJM8YLz8 ⛳ Alerte Bons Plans Golf ⛳ ! (En savoir +) https://t.co/66FHUE3AiR
RT @AdjBryce: Ready to see this man shine in the #NFL great story, great speed and size. Great guy. https://t.co/Sz9A1bWf77
RT @KERMlTNOW: *someone drives the speed limit and is being a safe driver* me: OHHHHMMYYYYYFUUUCCCKIIINNNNGODDDDDD GOOOOOOOO!!!!… https://t.co/PEwpJJeBYE
@ErinJoanSnyder I feel like I’ve become a competitive speed eater since having a baby.
RT @BapeV2: ⚡Speed⚡ Gagne ton lot aléatoire ! ⚠2 ₩inners⚠ Rt et follow @BapeV2 Tas: 15RT ⌚ https://t.co/am18uEuSyN
RT @laynalandry: I’m ALMOST done with this teaser for me and @DemiSutra ‘s incredible fucking video BUT I WANNA BE DONE NOW MUST. SP… https://t.co/SI6Zikn5lf
RT @sxbtox: I have actual road rage towards people who have the audacity to drive at the speed limit
RT @VelonCC: Wow! @chrisfroome descended from the Colle delle Finestre at an astonishing speed on @giroditalia Stage 19 ⬇️😬 Chr… https://t.co/JAryKfX4iG
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I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/FYKnrUxyCO "Speed Demon" Victoria Sterling Gameplay (Packanack Small) Friday the 13th: The Game
@CorkCityFC More speed up front...
RT @ssshootphoto: Few more from the @VintageCarClub Speed Trials at Curborough. 📸by Steve Shelley @ssshootphoto - @indie007sandher… https://t.co/LWQTQ1SyOh
RT @JAHernandezO: How #Cloud Can Boost #Innovation. By enabling unprecedented speed and agility, cloud #technology can help innovatio… https://t.co/wr013eyX6Y
RT @jolisby: Stage 1 complete. Waiting for high speed train from girona to Barcelona :) #hometovote #RunJoRun https://t.co/klA0UPoBO4
To the assholes who have to speed through a residential zone during the early hours of any given morning.... fuck y… https://t.co/PrOYz2y4Kj
RT @DanceUmbrellaUK: Our friends @polkatheatre launch their #TechtopiaFestival today. Included is Stardust, a dance & sound show all ab… https://t.co/Ct2JAqhDab
RT @elisemckeann: In New Jerseyian, "speed limit 55" translates to "if we all go 80 they can't pull us all over" and I think that's so beautiful
Ain’t nobody got time to go the speed limit. Vroom vroom buddy🚘
RT @peudeu48: The way Yebin ran to Eunha with high speed and hugged to congratulate her and Gfriend is so cute. I love the 97babi… https://t.co/UkLyQMxGpO
RT @JaisaMarie123: people in texas will ride your ass when you’re already going 35 over the speed limit, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME
RT @SFGiants: A balanced diet of power and speed #SFGiants https://t.co/NJc5BHhsa3
RT @glennklockwood: One of the uglier realities of running at scale—not all CPUs, even from the same bin, run at the same speed. NNSA… https://t.co/aCzxNiIeeV
I’m at the point with KeyBank Center that I’d rather see a new arena built. It’s fallen so far behind modern new NH… https://t.co/cZXuSWQtR8