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God bless these Dave Chappelle stand up specials
Watch the new Dave Chappelle specials on Netflix if you havent yet. Easily the best comedy shows in 2017.
Finally checking out one of the new Chappelle specials, I'm 45 min into it rn 😂😂😂
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mlk embrasado's top 5 artists this week: Millencolin (10), Beastie Boys (9), blink-182 (5), Charlie Brown JR. (5), The Specials (5) #jotafm
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The Return of the The Epic Spades on Monday Staff & Specials 4.3.17 @ Spades Hush-Lounge https://t.co/c5wwr1nFN7
Iwas supposed to watch the dave chapelle specials but I slept all day.
RT @taraladue: The reviews are in! My #SocialMedia guidebook is a hit! ❤ I'm offering March Specials on it & coaching ▶️… https://t.co/e3v7crpi1n
RT @ORESKA_Official: HAPPY!!SURVIVE!!2017@恵比寿リキッドルームの映像を公開中🙌 先日THE SPECIALSが来日しましたね〜〜〜👀✨ BIG LOVEとBIG RESPECTを込めて💓 全編はこちらから👉… https://t.co/3pzx5TAsJH
(連絡) 開店作業中です。 12時30分ごろの開店予定です。 また、連絡します。 プレイスペース広島  https://t.co/u2sQN3bhlY
The reviews are in! My #SocialMedia guidebook is a hit! ❤ I'm offering March Specials on it & coaching ▶️… https://t.co/e3v7crpi1n
As the heck is ntb blow specials?: iNRZl
RT @homenotalone: You just have to put Roanoke in the title and I'm in. Love history. @HISTORY #ReturnToRoanoke https://t.co/FpYdyrkrcu
One of the funniest things ever. Saw his new Netflix specials? https://t.co/W66EH6c9ht
アフィリエイトを始めてみました。よかったら、こちらのサイトから、各サイトでのお買い物をお願いします。 https://t.co/ldxW2kDwKb 楽天へのリンクも貼ってあるので、楽天でお買い物をされる方は、ぜひこちらのサイトからお願いします!
Y'all done bein fake outraged at the Dave Chappelle stand up specials? I thought he was cancelled. I'm watching it on Netflix right now.
RT @ADD_ORESKA: 恵比寿リキッドルームのあの感動を全世界に届けたい。 THE SPECIALSを始めとするスカ・レジェンドへのリスペクトを込めたあの曲を……!!🐒🐒 https://t.co/YRm2Afhi6H
"The specials change nightly, but the good is really good. Great location on the mi..." #FoursquareFind @ The Swedes https://t.co/OEuuzlH0DO
Watching the new Chapelle specials on Netflix. Funny, but I get the issues that people have.
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