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NFL considering rule change to invalidate Ravens' ... https://t.co/ZamhEYj5CE
@theage @Adelaide_FC @brisbanelions Well done to both teams, and a special congratulations to Adelaide #weflyasone
RT @GreggDoyelStar: Chris Holtmann: “This is a sudden end to one of the most special teams I’ve ever been a part of." https://t.co/36QvRoSVAN by @zkeefer
RT @BigRed_STL: Helluva special teams player too! https://t.co/52QttgN2ZP
@ICEzzyG other than the excuse of bad goal tending. Why shouldn't the coach be fired. Other young teams are thriving. Special teams suck
@LachTalk touche @TheOnlySweeney. Valid. But still 5 teams didn't and three in Elite 8 is pretty special.
@SareesDad all over Special Teams, maybe play a little offense, & I think he has potential to be a good safety. He'll contribute somehow
RT @cyri3e: Special teams win championships https://t.co/LVbRDqqToP
Except after the dying goes away you realize how special these teams are https://t.co/xXEHUoRJ4u
RT @coachzeig41: SEC basketball just maybe a little better than the rest of college basketball believed.#SEC 3 teams in the Elite 8
RT @TCOOLEY1: This is special...Love the respect between the teams! https://t.co/XzkKCFrl9P
@aflwomens Congratulations to all the women's football teams! Can't wait until the next season! Special well done to Adelaide.
@BillFrei @derikstevenson Let's make it official. No preseason, no special teams. A down of regular teams play.
RT @cyri3e: Special teams win championships https://t.co/LVbRDqqToP
RT @cyri3e: Special teams win championships https://t.co/LVbRDqqToP
RT @DCGladiators: #ICYMI: our Kicker Brian Weems scored @GOCIF_NET Special Teams Player of the Week! 4/4 FG, 4/4 PAT, 16 points!… https://t.co/4iBne4kbqy
@jerrymeyer247 seems like the vast majority of teams in the tourney don't practice late game special situation possessions, brutal to watch
RT @WarchantGene: Pretty cool to see Cam Akers and Derwin James leading the way on #FSU special teams as the top returners.… https://t.co/hzPSqKVH9H