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Keep quiet🤐an let the money talk🗣💰
Looks like @souljaboy training for the chris brown fight😂
RT @jawzzz4: the champ can't read so he probably didn't understand your text
@souljaboy soooo how much for the tickets to this fat? Jgame wants some front rows 👀
I tell MFs this ALL the TIME !!!!
RT @KadeFresco: #RT‼️🚨@souljaboy souljaboy check the DM. Trying to film your next visual ASAP🎥 I got work🔥
RT @MOASFROMBOSTON: Do you feel @souljaboy should be banned temporarily off all social media platforms till he gets his act together? 😂💀
RT @Its_Driaa: He childish for hyping you up to fail💀
RT @JayWithTheJuice: #teambreezy bitch y'all got my cousin breezy fucked up @chrisbrown tell that nigga @souljaboy we ready
@zezo_souljaboy تي امغير اتجيك قبل
@zezo_souljaboy هه ايواهه قالك من توا راهو 😂✋
عزيزتي زوجتي المستقبلية كنك م النوعية اللي تعزق الحاجة وبعدها تسأل تبيها ولا لا ف انتي طالق يا عمري
Yet to see someone rock @souljaboy sneakers @SBeezyLight .. hopefully that day never comes