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#RIPJohannah much love to the family🔥💕
RT @itsohsoDNCE: He can't, Joe Jonas is dating Sophie Turner.
RT @politician_jjal: "뭐라고 누나? 남친? 남친 해달라고? 아.. 남침.."
RT @mirandaa_valdez: Damn, J. Cole never disappoints , 4 your eyez only
@Sophie_mfc You may not feel cute right now, but the rest of us still think you are! Rest up and get better! 😊
RT @piccadillyline: @sophb66 @jonmyles Sophie , I'm trying to deal with ALL tweets on ALL lines, that's how it is here, I can't do everything at once, ok
@sophie_feif おはよー!今日も一日頑張ろうね!
RT @Kosmopolis_: j'ai eu une idée de malade, jvais acheter plein de carré de sucre et construire la basilique saint sophie en version réduite ds ma chambre
فيلم مثير للرائعه Sophie Dee.. ass نيج صور_سكس 550
Just saw your snapchat and reminded me to ask do you have the link for that silver peel off mask please? @Sophie_FosterXx
فيلم مثير للرائعه Sophie Dee.. ممحونه porn سكس_اجنبي 550
RT @namu_zero: 야 이건 늘 맘에 품고 살아라
RT @dannywilsonx: If sophie aspin & Millie b would be a beer they'd deffo be a carling DUTTY