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Passes came in for the @emeraldcitycomicon ! Awww sookie sookie now! #ECCC #comiccon #deadorbit...
A new sense of certainty allows you to stride toward your ambi... More for Cancer
@jcobperaIta oui!! tu comptes acheter sookie?
sookie has appeared im actually crying
RT @iamcardib: I wonder who going to be my special nobody on Valentine's Day ?
Spinnt bei noch jemandem WhatsApp? Meine Nachricht stecken irgendwo fest
@ladelcable cuchillada a cuchillada me das (excepto Sookie que la compartimos)
@__Sulley Sookie de True Blood empatada con Fauxlivia.
@jenismylobster i KNOW.... and for other ppl it was sookie and other characters and i was like why is it giving me the one i hate the most..
Gilmore Girls Revival: Melissa McCarthy Returning As Sookie
@sookieblues is a hot #CatsuitSlut just look at the filthy look Sookie is giving to camera, what do you want Sookie…
RT @translucentme_: Combine: Nancy Botwin Deb Morgan Sookie Stackhouse And a dash of Marilyn and you get me 🖤
@Sookie_Anarchy @Benzaie_tgwtg Elle a les yeux revolver, elle a le regard qui tue (ou qui part de traverrrrrrrs).... ! ^^
(Se quiere) total que sookie acepta esa movida porque es adicta al drama así que después del marrón bill encadenará drama con drama
Bill sé quiere suicidar porque está mal y mete a sookie en eso porque es un desgraciado> bórrale tu recuerdo y ponte bajo el sol monguer
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