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Nokia has got a lot of undeserved criticism. Fact is, they didn't have a chance. Here is why.
@Believe_Swagg1 bonne chance cv aller ☺
RT @eacstasy: en fait moi je donne jamais de 2nd chance, non moi j'en donne plutôt 8 ou 9 avant de me rendre compte que j'ai été carrément stupide
RT @gayle_cruz0211: "You open your heart knowing that there's a chance it may be broken one day ..." #TIMYSpecialDay
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And that's why I roll solo most times. But never opposed to letting someone new in for the chance to Love n be Love…
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Wen fate's giving u the chance to watch ur favorite local indie band's concert but... but... but... huhuhuhu 😭
i stop breathing for 3 minutes and 39 seconds every single time i listen to Chance's Dear Theodosia reprise
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@ProutMarie @asianlao02 moi j'ai pas de chance cette année 😢
Des fois j'ai envie de répondre: "la chance tu es étudiante .. moi je n'ai aucun statut reconnue par l'état donc aucune aide" 🖕🏻❤️
@PuBzzStar nah i understand if its an occasional lost but its more then just occasional its like 60% chance
Miss na kita. Ikaw na mismo nagsbi na walang patutunguhan to pero, thank you sa chance na makilala ka.
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RT @CNN: This child was on the brink of death while at a Bulgarian orphanage, but a couple gave him a new chance at life…