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RT @edgedestroys: I should take more pictures of the boy someday. He's Worth It. ™
Ouija: redforget asks "I'll be famous someday? ." #OuijaMovie now playing
Ouija: redforget asks "I'll be famous someday??" #OuijaMovie now playing
Ouija: redforget asks "I'll be famous someday?????" #OuijaMovie now playing
Ouija: redforget asks "I'll be famous someday????" #OuijaMovie now playing
RT @renetaetaa: Dari awal nge support sampe skg ke 20, ga pernah bs rasain ngerayain brg. Tapi doa selalu jalan kok, someday kali y li:")😊✨ @alysyarief
• Core77: A Drone on its Own: Using AI to Design and Fly a UAV: Someday in the not-too…
Hoping to make myself proud someday.
RT @kapkeeeyk: That someday you and meees JONRIS FRIENDSHIPKILIG
RT @MirzaMahadzir: Everyone has flaws, that's your special. Be you, and someday, someone will love you just the way you are.
@redforget asks "I'll be famous someday? ." #OuijaMovie now playing
Suatu hari nanti..... Hm ♫ Someday (feat. Meghan Trainor) by Michael Bublé —
RT @TeamBonfayah: what crazy activities do you dream of trying someday? #TIMYRunAway
Sana someday mabuo kami ulit
@NEOZIDE hahahha im on my way to be a buddy time doesnt allow my lazy ass to stan more grps but ill make it someday :)))
@trishabadilles TA- i dunno your last name's initial so yan nalang hahaha, hi uhm we're not close but i hope someday take care always ☺️
Someday I'll be big enough so you can't hit me and all you're ever gonna be is mean
RT @F4NGlRL: @Louis_Tomlinson Hey Angel, I'm so proud of you and Argentina loves you. 💘 Can you follow me someday? Te amo💕 Day 268. (@JohannahDarling)
And he said someday I hope you get the chance, To live like you were dyin'.
RT @femaIes: I'm gonna be a bomb ass wife someday
RT @PapaJackQuote: Someday, you'll miss me like I missed you. Someday, you'll need me like I needed you. Someday, you'll love me but I won't love you.
RT @ammabz: 🔵STOCK SALE🔵 Someday : silicone hydrogel contact lens Color : GRAY D : -0.00 (1 pair) // -1.50 (1 pair) Price : 3…
"Someday" rarely comes. Pick a day and just start! That's the difference between dreamers and achievers...