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RT @staff_sakura318: 【NEWS!!】4/2(日)から始まるBSフジ「ポンキッキーズ」の新メンバーに藤原さくらが登場!落語家の春風亭昇々さんとMCを務めます。さらに!番組エンディングテーマには新曲「Someday」が決定しました!ぜひご注目ください!!…
Maybe someday I'll be good enough for someone to stick around.
Someday Ima get what I deserve 😌😌👌💯
RT @TheAndrezFranco: "Someday, all the love you've given away, will find its way back to you, and it will finally stay."
. someday; kita hanya harus selalu yakin, ikhtiar dan…
RT @fortner_jordan: i'm prolly asking for it but oh well i'll learn someday
Just had a convo with an older woman at the gym who was walking around the locker room nude and I thought, "Someday I will be you."
The number one thing that excites me most about getting married someday is literally just having someone to watch tv with on lazy Saturday's
RT @Miruzuneh: ❝I'm sure she will get it someday. .❞ ♧ƝЄƜ ♀ ƘƖƦԼƖƛ♧ ➕But not new to rp. ➕Total switch. ➕Pansexual/NSFW. 💡You kn…
RT @MammothSakura: 🌸フリーライブ決定🌸 2ndシングル「Someday / 春の歌」リリース記念で、フリーライブすることになりました!!ファイルのお渡し会もあるので是非あそびにきてね〜✌️ 4/1 神奈川 ラゾーナ川崎 4/2 大阪 あべのキュー…
día 84 @Louis_Tomlinson 💫 "Someday I'll meet you and I'll be the happiest person in the world" 💫
RT @SirGabrielofLO: Don't take a good woman for granted. Someday someone will come along & appreciate what you didn't #cuffyochick
bad :( someday will gonna know me. maybe soon or la... — huh? :c
RT @sdavedowski10: Somebody will appreciate me someday
@egginterrupted I do naked hip hop yoga. Shall we combine someday?!
RT @thatssoalexa: caitlyn is so smart & strong & she's gonna do big things someday and she doesn't even realize it
reason #1: you're so positive, when will anyone ever. you radiate positivity everywhere you go. I wish to be like that someday
Someday @verizonfios will provide the 50/50 #quantum I pay for w/o charging $90for home visit...@VerizonSupport
@Rachel1Reynolds @annetlarkin Someday you should do a whole show with your back to the audience so we can all see that hair!
@realDonaldTrump keep spinning and maybe you'll be a ballerina someday! RUSSIAGATE will bring you down soon enough.
RT @ohteenquotes: Someday you'll miss her like she missed you. Someday you'll need her like she needed you. Someday you'll love her and she won't love you.
RT @lmxsn: Life is more than this. Life is more beautiful than this. Someday you'll see it. You'll appreciate it.
RT @lmxsn: I told her that nothing is going to be fine. I told her that I hate hopes, I hate those words. " Someday " " Soon "