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RT @FINALLEVEL: People will Hate you.... Simply because other people Love you. Let that sink in.
きんつばってpureでloveって意味もあるのか! いやぁ語学って楽しいな!!
@PaulSolarz I love the accountability piece. I am going to really spend time look at your resource and implement. #learnlap
@ambernoelle Coltrane performing A Love Supreme
RT @TheManUtdWay: Love how Ander Herrera went over to Alexis at full time. He mentioned post match how impressed he was with how hard…
@Flow_Goddesss 😩😩😩 i love you
RT @Tip: I Love You Sis...❤️ We can’t thank you enough 🙏🏽 #MyBiggestFan
RT @xirct: i fell in love with someone i never expected to fall for
RT @BigTreatStore: [🌸] #บิ๊กทรีทบำบัด ทิ้งทวนก่อนจะพ้นวันดีๆ วันนี้ไป มาบอกรักคุณความหวังของพวกเรา พร้อมติดเมนชัน @BTS_twt และ…
@brianneeex I love your guts and want you alive forever and always 💕
RT @qhai97: Movies / series / anime that helps to motivate own self: 1. Bohemian Rhapsody 2. A Star is Born 3. Love, Rosie 4.…
RT @KlMJEONS: jin seeing the lesbians love jin sign and smiling at it.... leader of the lesbians
きしめええええええええええん #さくなー
RT @shdranlsn: don't be in a relationship just because you're bored. if you can't control your ego or even bahagikan masa you dgn…
RT @EXOonYOUTUBE: #EXO @weareoneEXO 24hr MV UPDATE LOVE SHOT- 670K 🚨🚨 TEMPO- 338K MONSTER- 197K GROWL- 102K It goes down down baby.…
The trolls are misguided youth. Barkha shd forgive them. Win them with love
RT @bbynezza: crazy how strangers fall in love crazy how we met now you’re all I want
RT @A__thegreat: When the people that hurt u realized that they fucked up & want ur love back
watching love happens 💖💓💕💗💘 this was the first film of jens that I watched :,) (besides leprechaun but that was w…