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RT @iamHectorDiaz: this is a twitter solar eclipse
RT @shinetter: 日付変わって今夜26日(水)0:00~いよいよテミン新曲「ECLIPSE」配信スタートします!iTunes、レコチョクでご購入いただいた方10,000名様には特典もありますのでぜひチェックしてください~♪ #TAEMIN #テミン…
RT @iamHectorDiaz: this is a twitter solar eclipse
Solar Eclipse is my theme song so when I die play it at my funeral
真白過ぎる顔に纏い付く髪は 嘆きにも不可思議 幾千の渦巻 Endless Endless Endless 僕はまた あなたとの始まりを魅る 日蝕譚 -SOLAR ECLIPSE- PINK
捨てれば捨てる程肩は軽くなって だけど等しく虚しくなるんだ 【Alice Nine/Solar Eclipse】
RT @VincentWright: @tribelaw Oddly enough, though some say he's not curious, look at the heartfelt curiosity he displays in looking di…
RT @CryptoKong: Does anyone know why the moon perfectly blocks out the sun during a solar eclipse? What are the odds for that? (ser…
@ThatMustacheMan @ABC ...has a long red tie, skin the color of pumpkin pie, during a solar eclipse looks up at th…
I drew some of the members of one of my favorite kpop dance cover groups Eclipse in a chibi anime style🙃 #drawing
this is a twitter solar eclipse
How to Fix #Eclipse Startup Error after Removing old #Java Version from Laptop/Desktop?