Social Media

RT @zackjoseph: Happy birthday dude (you know who you are). Just remember I had way more Facebook friends than you. Congrats on ruining social media for me.
RT @PrisonPlanet: 5 Afghan migrants rape boy in Sweden, threatened to post it on social media if he complained.
Social media will be as close as it gets just because.
IMO email > social media
RT @OmarjSakr: ...and yeah, Saudia Arabia is completely fucked, but also, women on social media everywhere get death threats simply for existing. Every day
RT @wXwTas: wXw is looking for some help in the social media department. Fluent in German & English, capable on FB, Twitter, IG? Great, FB me!
RT @FMG_Dez: Its totally no reason to send me pic that u posted on social media👎🏾 thats like u playin wit me
that's cool that you can like comments on instagram now but it's just another example of social media sites all turning into the same thing
RT @hootsuite: Knowing the best times to post your social media content can make all the difference 🕖
RT @JohnOKorn: It's sad how much stock our generation puts in social media.. Even to the point where it outweighs real relationship/experience to some
@vanderbruyn o social media deve ter feito uhveve
Time to give up social media. #BigBrotherCensorship
RT @elklien: Do you ever get tempted to delete all ur social media but realise you couldn't live without it
@jtimberlake @DWAnimation did you just congratulate yourself in the third person? Your social media guy blows.
RT @aravosis: Just what is connection between Gen. Flynn’s chief of staff/son & the racist Alt Right? (Cuck is an Alt Right word…
good read from @ingridlunden on @betashop's new startup. guess failures dont define you cc @TechCrunch
RT @aravosis: Trump transition official is active on white nationalist social media platform
2016: Weather forecasters have to call out the President-elect’s propaganda outlet on social media.
'Don't miss out on changes in social media by using these automated systems.'
7 things to focus on to create a social media #marketing plan that delivers results by @tonyrestell #SMM
RT @sbchristiansen6: Proud to have officially opened our #MSD Europe Social Media Command Center @MSDBeWell
RT @OriginalPSP: And now for an announcement that will go over on social media like a fart in church -
Why does insta have to copy every social media ? 🙄🙄