Social Media

There is something extremely satisfying about deleting people from snapchat and social media.
People will speak straight knowledge for social media but don't live by a damn thing they talking bout lol ..
RT @Hatewatch: Study finds that hate groups’ presence on social media has exploded in recent years
Diet accounts keep following me on social media and I feel like they are trying to drop a hint
YAHOO FINANCE SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: Man, nobody this year's gonna get fired harder than me. BRIAN CULLINAN: Hold my envelope.
RT @secretadvert: ⭐️ We design stylish websites & dynamic social media networks. #WebsiteDesign…
RT @InnerKermit: Me: Have an early night sleep Inner me: Keep refreshing all your social media for no reason at all
RT @DolanTwinTeam: Normal people: *Sighs* He'll never notice me *looks across the room* Me: *sighs* He'll never notice me *Looks at the twins social media*
Took a look at Total Wars social media feeds on my lunch break, saw what happened with Bretonnia and TW access and…
RT @essextv: Social media sensation @Beno_ldn talks about #anxiety and #mentalhealth in candid interview! Be Inspired
RT @InSouthFlorida: 10 Important Skills Your Social Media Manager Needs in 2017
Insightful observations for fellow podcasters. In general, most people won't listen to audio clips on social media.
RT @iJeppetto: Porqué los consumidores hacen unfollow al social media de las marcas? #socialmedia #socialmediamarketing #follow
Gottah stay off social media cause all the hate I'm seeing about dougie don't do nothing but make me upset
RT @artceletraeh: Jayde is my social media advisor
RT @USATODAY: Supreme Court justices defend social media, even for sex offenders
@kainazamaria @EyeAkili Ran across this related Google Form today in another end of social media.
RT @inhergut: I find it funny that a person can't text you back but be all on social media 🤷🏽‍♂️😴
Una misma gala. 2 cadenas distintas. 2 HT distintos. A nivel social media... #La2 emplea #GalaDragLPGC #tvCanaria usa #DragQueenLPGC 😜🎉😜🎉😜
Is there a cnstitutional right to Facebook and Twitter? @adamliptak
RT @olapic: Learn how #socialmedia managers can overcome the #content crunch this year: #marketing…
RT @ElonnaG: I really don't get why people bash their ex on social r u forgetting u were obsessed with them once? Grow up and move on.
RT @FalkenTire: #MondayMotivation Falken #giveaway #contest. RT & follow to enter to #win this #prize. Rules
RT @tomgara: If you're the social media manager for any of the other the Big Four audit firms, this is your moment. Now is your time to shine.
RT @RaniaZayan: We only live once, so make sure you spend 10 hours daily on social media; desperately seeking attention and validation of total strangers!