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RT @AdelaineMorin: The only social media that hasn't pissed me off so far is snap. U that real loyal homie snapchat.
RT @Joy997FM: Ghanaians on social media unhappy with @CNN reportage of elections which portray Ghana in wrong light.…
RT @KaynatSays: If a woman is posting her photos on social media and talking to boys, She has a loose character! #PakistaniStereoTypes
RT @CNN: A cleaner in Saudi Arabia receives gifts from strangers after he was mocked in a social media post…
@noisivDE ahhh okay... I didn't find another account too. Pity. Musicians should use the opportunities of social media. @LakeJons
RT Djlegagneur: 13 ways to leverage Social Media to Promote your Blog Posts. A must read.
RT @ChidiOdinkalu: #Nigeria's Fed Min of Education wll throw kids out of school if their parents do free expression on social media
RT @MrsAmandaProwse: Me too. You put the kettle on Mr, I'm working I'll have you know. Keeping up with social media is part of my job...…
RT @Hlaovan: A date can be R50.. The point of a date is to enjoy each others company. Y'all so materialistic and want something to post for social media
cant stop myself from uploading these pics in all my social media accounts HAHAHHHAHA
RT @PrynzesV: On social media, you'll only know what I show you, which isn't even a lot. Don't assume anything 😊.
The tragic Naivasha deaths, all RIP. Beware of social media cons planning to cash in on this with Funeral fundraisers. I've been a victim
RT @kapsology: Advisory to Western railway employees to not criticise Modi Govt on any social media. pic via @iakshayarora
RT @FortuneMagazine: Twitter, surveillance, and the challenges of selling social data
RT @evakstroye: 5. isak tries to look for evens social media
ya gama3a fe nas mo3ayana maynf3sh tesboha keda 3ala el social media aw temsekoha telephonat aslun, khatr walahy
if ppl think imma sit back & watch them talk shit ab my brother on social media, wrong 💤
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RT @BiancaVancini10: Me scrolling through social media when I know I should be studying for finals
Pinterest für SEO und Content Marketing nutzen - #seo
RT @prettychels__: I just want to delete all my social media but then I'll be bored asfff
Beyhadh #Actress Aneri Vajani shares an emotional post on social media after losing grandfather
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