RT @teaquai: @linsurge_ pour peser à gauche. Ce gvmt est de gauche, poreux au mvt social, mais notre division sert au contraire les lobbys patronaux
12~14년 19대 국회의원 정치자금 사용 내역. 다운로드해서 읽는 수고는 하지 않는다만 국회의원을 한 사업체로 보고 자금관리 해드리는 직업도 괜찮을 듯. ㅋㅋ
RT @RedVote2016: @Ian56789 Well said. Now it all makes sense why they are flooding MSM and social media with all this Russia crap.
RT @TheDailyEdge: First they came for the Mexicans. Then they came for the Muslims. Then they killed Social Security #MAGA #Trumpgrets
RT @JAL_Official_jp: 🎁リツイートするとプレゼントが今すぐ当たるチャンス🎁 国内線往復航空券など豪華賞品が毎日当たる🎅 ①フォロー ②リツイート ③結果がすぐに届く! #JALに願いを…
RT @parrerman2014: Esa teoria es causalista en una teoria normativista el autor no observo las reglas de la adecuacion social y defrau…
You are excited to tackle social issues within a group or give... More for Gemini
RT @JAL_Official_jp: 🎁リツイートするとプレゼントが今すぐ当たるチャンス🎁 国内線往復航空券など豪華賞品が毎日当たる🎅 ①フォロー ②リツイート ③結果がすぐに届く! #JALに願いを…
"Social Optimizer Review And $5335 Bonus Social Optimizer OTO And Discount" : via @YouTube
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Helped nearby drivers by reporting a police trap on A74(M) (S) on @waze - Drive Social.
RT @annniferr: friendship is giving your friends ur social media info so they can first hand creep on their ex bae
RT @looking4evah: "Masculinity" isn't even real, it's a social construction but that ain't gonna keep these blogs from raking in those ad dollars
Especially in social sciences and the humanities
RT @beckygrito: 💖 Dê uma chance e leia minha Fanfic 💖 Wattpad: Social Spirit:
RT @CarolinaMonroy_: Gracias a la coordinación de acciones con el @gobmx y el @edomex, la gestión social a favor de mis vecinos es posib…
RT @JAL_Official_jp: 🎁リツイートするとプレゼントが今すぐ当たるチャンス🎁 国内線往復航空券など豪華賞品が毎日当たる🎅 ①フォロー ②リツイート ③結果がすぐに届く! #JALに願いを…
RT @MichaelSLinden: Oh hey, the GOP Chair of the House subcommittee on Social Security just introduced a new bill to massively cut SS benefits. 1/
RT @KassandraTroy: Law of unintended consequences invoked by social engineers
RT @Flagfrogfiz: นี่คือตัวเลขส่วนแบ่งการตลาด ของเว็บ Social Network ชื่อดัง facebook และ IG 45% ,google 37% ,อื่นๆ 13% ,twitter 5%
RT @UN_Women: One way to empower a woman on #HumanRightsDay is teaching her about her worth. Read these migrant women's stories:…
RT @BBCRadio4: Benedict Cumberbatch reads Kafka's Metamorphosis. Try not to bug out 🕷
RT @MichaelSLinden: This is the GOP plan for Social Security. Enormous cuts for nearly all workers. Not a single penny of additional revenue from the rich. 5/
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