attacks against Freeman follow a "classic pattern" seen in previous, anti-NATO, social-media campaigns out of Russia that were aimed at
@2_smuv Lol so he can't have any social sites?
I will never post my personal things that i do with my fiance and family on social media. I respect my self and my family.
RT @berggruenInst: .@milinddeora says social media offers “opportunities and risks” for democracy. #digitaldemocracy (full clip on our…
Im New to this social Media thing.. Blah Blah blah
Clear winner in the argument for social networks being real communities! #eaconf17
हंसी-हंसी में कांग्रेस ने गुजरात BJP की परेशानी बढ़ाई via @NavbharatTimes:
RT @ramoncotarelo: Los psicópatas de Interior crearon una brigada político-social para perseguir demócratas. Como Franco.
RT @TheHumaneLeague: Love animals and love social media? Apply now to become a Social Media Intern with @TheHumaneLeague!…
Buenas!! Me podrías meter en el grupo de 1° de trabajo social?? 😊
RT @maiden16_cyprus: Congratulations @aldenrichards02 for winning first place for social media category, Social Media take over…
RT @iamJakeKurtz: #DidYouKnow 🤔 Social media comments influence the purchasing behavior of 67% of consumers. Make sure you're responding to anything negative.
RT @PodemosMisiones: @Fedeknuppel en @Republica99 #PDT "Me molesta la desigualdad social, es algo que puedo entender ni tolerar"
RT @BBCNews: Mental health staff on long-term stress leave up 22%
RT @davidboomin: People be surprised when I tell em I have a 4.0 GPA while working & maintaining an active social life, but anything is possible when you lie
Voir Paris : des centaines d' agriculteurs manifestent sur les Champs-Elysées vendredi contre l'interdiction du gl…
RT @vallieboutelle: What does being famous on social media even mean? There are people with thousands of followers but are complete losers in real life.
RT @Raquel_Savage: & b/c men are men, they have space (re: social power) to be hoes all their lives & still be worthy of marriage but not the other way around.
So The Person Who's Deserved The 🔥Hate/Hatred🔥On Social Media & In Real Life Its Selena Marie Gomez @selenagomez…
RT @nickmara: this social media world is comedy 🤦🏽‍♂️
@nick_tune @SuButcher @LeonieThomas18 @UKbimAlliance @DigiConWeek It may have been on social media but not everyone…
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@katemasters67 @BBCNews @K_G_Spearpoint They only need social services to get parental consent powers. Soc serv must act if drs tell them