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Crazy day but a fun adventure. flooded creeks, blocked storm drains. We were soaked after a few miles but still fin…
Cfnm teeny cum soaked after bending over for hard drilling pov
omg I was so tired/soaked frm the rain earlier didn't show yall my barnacle I dissected in lab today !! Look how ne…
Darksome fake penis entering her soaked cunt
@marketeer_steph I'm sorry to hear your baggage was returned to you soaked. I'd be happy to look at contributing towards the cost of 1/2
RT @RiverRoseRed: i don't know why people believe the movie soaked in bleach. both dave grohl and krist novoselic have said they hate it & that it's bullshit
RT @Marshmail: Got completely soaked this morning. But the dippers are unfazed. They are still busy building up their nest.
@ttaechim_ it was wild my roommate saw the blood soaked tissues and flipped HAHA
Can this storm just piss the fuck off because I'm already soaked and I'm not even at the bus stop yet
RT @KhanDure: When is it going to be summer in London? Literally got soaked in the rain 😒
@RaiderDodgers24 seriously we are getting soaked. I don't think I saw a break on the rain today.
RT @sugarcomas: soaked in bullshit* a FICTIONAL capitalist project made by a serial liar thriving off a dead man and damaging the c…
RT @chadfogland: Sooooo... is America great again NOW, @POTUS? You Russian Bear Urine-soaked Orange Terrycloth Towel draped over old Ashtrays. #MoodyOprah
@nicekicks surprisingly really comfortable also water doesn't really bleed through the shoe even though it might look like it's soaked
RT @AkinOlokun: Nuts, seeds, and legumes should be soaked for at least 8 hours before consumption/preparation to ensure proper digestion and absorption.
RT @10magazine_: We're all going on a summer holiday (or something) at @EmilioPucci's colour-soaked #AW17 collection...…
The ground was happy to see me. I accidentally crunched a snail though. And after all my fancy stepping son I would…
@elbh Girls are largely out of practice. Largely due to YUGE numbers of guys who eat well done, ketchup soaked steaks. Like children.
@BoyToyKylee Gorgeous picture Kylee. The boys are hard and the girls are soaked. Take your pick. Or not, why not have both?
Thanks UE Roll 2 for helping me conquer the Rapids this weekend. #soaked#durable
@AlexPena07 fooo, everything is flooded over here bro. It's been raining hell bad all day bro, I'm over it. I walk into class soaked
RT @joeykidney: I had to take my car into the shop today and my back pocket ended up soaked because of all the tears coming from my wallet 😭
After getting soaked in a downpour tonight Spicy Sausage Soup with Spinach and a Touch of Cream seemed like the per…
"It was because I put plenty of love into it. That couch was soaked after we were done that day but it was worth ev…