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Dear Snooki, You're fat, orange, and love lasagna? Sooooo original... Sincerly, Garfield
@snooki and her BFF joey GIVE ME LIFEEEEEE on snap! Makes me miss my bestie @cotichase
Time to catch up with last nights #TWD How many wives does #Negan have?? @snooki @WalkingDead_AMC
😹مبسوطه منهم
@snooki you are amazing cook snooki so is your partner jwoww
@snooki your net worth must be high
RT @NathanZed: "what's on your mind" me: nothing me:
RT @go90: Young love has never been so cute. #MomsWithAttitude with @snooki & @JENNIWOWW, only on go90 😍 👫…
Snooki: Snooki want smoosh smoosh.
I share the same birthday as Snooki and Miley Cyrus. So basically, I'm destined for greatness.
@ila_aZor Snooki deffo. Jwoww looks like iggy azelea
Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi showing off her new rocking bod in Los Angeles. #MrLiesAngeles
@JENNIWOWW Good Morning Beauties @snooki 👰☀️️💏🕯😹
@JennP2rl es que Snooki para mí es 👌 pero Pauly D me robó el coraçao u_u
"I feel like a pilgrim from the frickin 20s" -snooki
@GibsonShelbyg I'm eating cheetos and watching Snooki & Jwoww so you're not alone 👍
Let me put this dang on phone down and go to bed I'm sleepy
How is this even possible 👀
@AmberLPortwood just quit and have your own show with Maci and Cate maybe even on a different channel. Just like Snooki & Jenni on awestruck