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Snooki's baby girl is absolutely precious! Seriously adorable 😍😍😍 @snooki
@DJPaulyD @MTV "Is Angelina there?" "No she died" @snooki
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this Snooki lovin, Vans wearin, alcohol drinkin, "Birthday bitch" Love you to the moon and back B…
RT @ratchel_: So we're just gonna act like this outfit isn't ugly as fuck just because Kim is wearing it
Your wcw thinks this is deep
Dee is such a Snooki
RT @darnellkharris: Good Morning 😃
RT @livingcheerlife: forever till the end of time... PANTHERS ❤️ size doesn’t matter, we just don’t know how to fail 😼
@KeithOlbermann what's next? How far will this go? Could we see Kanye/Snooki 2020?
I just used the term "Snooki poof" #why
Hoje é o aniversário da minha mãe e não sei oq dar d presente
No sofá d boas ahuajs
To sozinhaaaaa no escritório ahauahsu
😂👏🏾❤️💯🤣#JerseyShore reruns on @MTV.🙌🏾 Oh how I missed seeing my faves @angelinamtvjs,@snooki,and my boy @VINNYGUADAGNINO on my t.v screen.🙌🏾
@snooki everyone has their past .. it's so crazy to see you and @JENNIWOWW on jersey shore now that y'all are amazing mothers.
@snooki in 2010 was my college aesthetic
RT @Elk_Basketball: Excited to honor these seniors tomorrow night! They've worked! #Frank #Velasco #Keegan #Sammy #Erik #thankful
RT @michsnowbird: @roswell2001 In all fairness, don't you think Snooki is just more intellectually appropriate for the Rutgers student body and faculty?
I still don't know why Snooki and Jenni wrote that letter like why couldn't they just tell her