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RT @SkyBetChamp: Go @KZohore, it's your birthday... 🎉 The @CardiffCityFC man celebrated turning 23 in style with Tuesday's…
@AlixJohnson_PR Thannks Alix. For some great tips on Love Bites subscribe for next weeks vid! x
When geologists assume the earth changes slowly, they overlook astonishing evidence of Noah’s global Flood....
Andrew Snelling – When Continents Collide
Now playing on Chris Snelling - Passagio
Check out the highly-rated eBook "An Untamed Land" by Lauraine Snelling #kindle
@FirstOnSceneTV @SA_Ambulance complete incompetence by management led by ineptitude and ignorance of the pollies like Snelling the tosser
@canuckdragon @AiG the article you posted was by Snelling
It's getting harder and harder for me to fall asleep at night
Mannn! This #Wingstop would be so 🔥 right now! I'm going to @WingstopMN at 2100 Snelling ave when it opens! #Craves!
Happy bday homie love ya bro!! @braxtondavis527
Finding dory is on Netflix and I'm strongly debating watching it without Kylah.
anyone tryna go on a Snelling run ?
Retweeted Sam Snelling (@SamTSnelling): “Baylor rhymes with Failure” -Kansas Public Education Student
RT @ABC: Teacher has unique handshakes with each student. "It was just one or two students and then it became contagious.”…
Extremely proud of these guys. Can't wait to see them doing great things at the next level. BC Pride!
If your relationship doesn't consist of repetitive arguments over tedious subjects such as the pronunciation of humus....wyd? @JC_Snelling
Marked as to-read: Breaking Free by Lauraine Snelling