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RT @ALIENSTRUCE: rt to join a twenty one pilots groupchat: - mbf or at least have dm’s open - stan the boys - sorta selective - b…
@Rhapsody2312 @PaperFury Maybe. 4 seems like a good amount. Like lizards don't bother me, nor those snakes that hav…
RT @EdLatimore: The better your garden, the more trolls and snakes you attract.
@GOP @OrrinHatch WE DONT NEED NO STINKIN' HATCH! U & your fellow GOP snakes R liars & R disgraceful, screwing Am ppl 2 placate your donors
We love Mother Monster and the Queen of Snakes
RT @StrangeAndLost: Titanoboa is an extinct genus of snakes that lived around 58-60 million years ago. It was approximately 50 feet lon…
@anthony_wool @LilyGJackson Yeah ok enjoy your meal you snakes 😴🐍
@ParkeyPark @MaurisaMarie I don't have answers to those questions but we should change that
@WingsScotland And Jenny Marra's spat her dummy out about it. Kez should be at home with the snakes though!
RT @conradhackett: People killed annually by Sharks 10 Elephants 100 Hippos 500 Snails 10,000 Dogs 25,000 Snakes 50,00…
@kelcanrun Thanks 👍🏼 it’s a cool trail to run ..I can skip the snakes tho 😱🐍
Once the grass is cut the snakes will show
RT @jacksonssthighs: Rt this tweet to be in a #igot7selcaday promo gc💓 -hype each other up -no snakes -don't just send yours then leave…
Kez is used to snakes, infighting and eating shit, to be fair. She’s in Scottish Labour.
#BiggBoss11 #HinaKhan is Looking better than #Shilpa #arshi #Akash #fakefriends no loyalty. Hina has 2 dogs in a ho…
@PrimeKiki14 @EaglesSzn @espn there are no snakes, there are insecure fans who obsess on stupid stuff
“Isabelle saying she hates snakes... total lies” Trying to kill his boredness.
@MaurisaMarie @Snakes_Solstice *David Bowie
@weareCHOGIWA dont believe them. They are snakes. Tgk kes bigbang.
RT @GratitudeDNA: บรรดาเจ้าของเอารูปงูของตัวเองมาลง เผื่อว่าจะช่วยเปลี่ยนความคิดของคน...ว่างูก็น่ารักได้ ลองใหม่นะ...เรายังกลัวอยู่ 😓…
@Thefangirl69 @tayIorized You're both snakes
RT @PAYOLETTER: snakes with tiny hats: a thread
Carful for the snakes.