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@Kristen_Arnett they are called snakes dear
@TaggartJoel Beware of the snakes And the ladders aren't too friendly either
RT @qcook23: Keep it ‼️💯 pardon my back, since you slick talk behind it anyways! Some people are so fake it’s disgusting to even…
@Miss_Wisconsin The only one who needs to be in cage is @StormyDaniels with pissed off snakes. Good riddance.
@dgwhdrsheg The biggest can of horny snakes
There’s a lot of snakes lurking around lately
@littlemoteI that’s crazy i’m glad there are people like him who genuinely enjoy snakes.......i .. would have to close my eyes in passing
I Just Wanna Go Top 10 again👀 Grow with a Family No Snakes🐍 I Went From Being Solo Dolo To Being Solo Dolo Ig I'm o…
RT @shieksta1: We the realist group in the entire world! All the rest of y’all snakes highkey . Y’all know who’s who
I had a dream I was helping out snakes that had been burned in a fire. I picked up two that had been burned togethe…
Too many snakes around kill all the pythons 🐍💯
Snakes on a plane is onnnn☺️
@LincolnsBible I WISH I could take my kids to something like this! One loves snakes, one loves baking, one loves ru…
I should not be messing with a snake while drunk that has danger written all over it 💀who even am I when i’m drunk I legit hate snakes 🤣
I wish hoop snakes existed.
@Tera_Snakes ほんと100均の猫じゃらしじゃないとダメなんですね!ww せっかくペットショップで買ったのに勿体ないです😭😭
@JoeABCNews We've had snakes going after frogs, at our place, in the last year or so, and I've not heard a scream o…
RT @kthtimeless: uhh retweet/like to be in a gc -16+ ??? -semi selective ? -be nice, no snakes -talk, get close -Max will proba…
RT @Swiftness13: Everything about the reputation B Stage was magical. The snakes, the green jacket, the green guitar, Dancing With O…
RT @lilrachakuwonu: my friends are fucking snakes i’m done
“Climate change will make us more likely to wet the bed and may trigger a plague of ticks, snakes and...”
RT @graysbesson: rt to join a wdw gc - mbf me and @seaveysbeer - be active - get close - no snakes or cupcakes