Tweets about a recent trend: Smush

RT @Tymeeks98: @KobeTruthNlight the next Smush Parker and Delonte West..🏀🇺🇸
@__catpower @QueenofMidsomer @_hi_tide splendid pics & bewdiful cats I'd love to smush 😻😻
@page_leaf I just want to smush them together now. KISS, YOU THREE!
Was able to finally get @beersandcurds and @doug_feldick out to try @MullersCider today! So delish and anti-gluten…
@doug_feldick @Princeton Working on it, but the blog is my priority right now!
@blssblog She was dissing Kobe and praising AI. Might have to perform the ritual. i.e. Lighting sage, sacrificing a Smush Parker jersey, etc
i was told my room used to be the "smush room" a few years ago 😂👌🏼
seb is such a smush bean
I hope I don't smush this lil baby while im layin here laughin n shit I forgot she was in my bed
My favorite part of the game is when you kiss me and our noses smush for a second 💙💙💙
@_priscianna word my Moms made the same thing 👍🏻
U throw dat pussy at me Ima Alley oop it
RT @scccorrpio: #Scorpio do not like to depend on anyone or ask favors.
RT @KingHenry_2: Them Tide boys ain't nun to play with 😤😤 #ButYallKnewThat
@jpassalacqua17 @zack_hample nah, the cubs are gonna smush em. indians batted .168 in the alcs, they won't touch the cubs' pitchers
@eobda i was also tickled by sandeul talking to jinyoung briefly ;__; gotbang1a4 is the ugliest smush name for a cute collection of ppl
+ smush yes im guilty
Ladybug migration season in full swing on hike today #Smush #oops
I'm not allowed to smush him and it's SO UNFAIR
Laughing ) As for the only one can stop me out! Smush them! Go! Go! Now, that's okay.
Smush and I broke up bout 4yrs ago and zoelady still treat me as if me and him still together
I want to like smush together akatsuki and valkyrie's unit themes I want steampunk and traditional bullshit all together
I'M SORRYYYYY. >Grab his cheeks and smush them. FORGIVE ME.