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1.15pm UK time. Mum: "what's Cory @smpfilms doing at the moment?" Me: "sleeping, I hope. It's 4.15am there!" She always likes to ask :)
@smpfilms Love your videos as they are. Some are carefully composed, others raw and natural. All good! Stay sane!
@smpfilms I-um-..It's a start.
@smpfilms πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘
@smpfilms Yeah, watched the whole thing. Half expected you to jump and scare us at some point :)
Maybe I'll start a new trend. I call this a "Picteo". It's a video that's made to look like a…
Maybe I'll make some videos here or something. I'm just not sure what to do. Something epic…
@smpfilms yes! I use it a lot more to update my photos so i dont spam my twitter or fb. Followed!!!
Look who just logged into their account again! I should probably do this more often. Maybe.
@smpfilms you do you boo! Lolol sorry, I had to say it man!
@morgieb1015 @smpfilms Thank you for your support πŸ’™
@smpfilms @WatersWife cory and waterswife i am sending yall my love waters wife i would love if it is ok with u may i put yall on mprayerlis
@smpfilms I been ready. Now get to making them videos.
@smpfilms I am so ready! I'll warn everyone at work that I'm taking my lunch break when your video is available to watch!
@smpfilms YES I'm READY!!!!!!!!!
@smpfilms it's going to be such a strong comeback you forced the r away.
@smpfilms Where did your videos are? I went to Youtube and they weren't there. I am talking about the videos of your visit to your mother.