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@DonnieWahlberg @smpfilms @KristenAsAMom For my Birthday and Christmas l want cold weather and snow. Plenty of time for both days are Dec.
@smpfilms Awww I'm going to miss that name!! :'(
I liked a @YouTube video from @smpfilms ULTIMATE BABY SURPRISE - New Daddy Reacts!
@smpfilms 1 Chell's birth 2 Kristen's announcement 3 Snowfall from your tree 4 Skipping stones 5 Mean Kitty song 1/2
@smpfilms The Trip to alaska, pranking blake, Pregnancy announcement/actual pregnancy, The Coolest sound ever 1 and 2, Mirror lake, also-
I liked a @YouTube video from @smpfilms ELEVATOR DANCE PARTY - [2 MORE DAYS]
@smpfilms what what have I missed? Where is dude going???
@smpfilms the baby moose playing in the sprinkler!!!!
I liked a @YouTube video from @smpfilms ELEVATOR DANCE PARTY - [2 MORE DAYS]
@smpfilms the one where you run up stairs like a girl
@smpfilms I'm a tad out of the loop, WHA?! no more DLH? What's happening? :O
@smpfilms too many to pick guy...old man fishing....of course mean kitty song..and you and Kristen becoming parents
@smpfilms you running all goofy to that book's music and then running into a small bike. Also, the open jeep through the car wash!!
@smpfilms rock skipping and awesome photo shoots
@smpfilms is it going to make me cry ?
@smpfilms please let's us know what's new name so we can still find you and your sweet family.
@smpfilms that really old video of you skating! Back in California!
@smpfilms you skipping a stone across the frozen lake
@smpfilms the first rock skipping video
trying to sleep and i thought back on this picture from so long ago... boy how time flies X) @smpfilms
I liked a @YouTube video from @smpfilms COOLEST SOUND EVER 3! - Singing Lake
@KristenAsAMom @smpfilms Does Chell repetitively swing her arm like a "Lucky Cat"? The last few weeks,Maggy has been!