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@SilverFernsNZ RIP Tania Dalton. Kia Kaha to all your family and friends.
Family Arts Fest, Featuring Versa-Style Dance Company | Lisa Smith Wengler Center for the Arts | Pepperdine #Malibu
@Gassigirl88 @MarcusSMI @DavidBSmith1 Awwwh beautiful Happy Family...Happy Day U were Born Mr. Smith!!! God Bless U
RT @JMKTV: They're never gonna let Africans come on Family Feud again 😩😩😩
Thanks to @vettecitycf for hosting a fundraiser for the Smith family. BGFFA was happy to participate. #Smitty
RT @JMKTV: They're never gonna let Africans come on Family Feud again 😩😩😩
@PolitikMasFina entire Clinton family has amassed huge wealth that, by definition, has been gained thru exploitation of women/men/planet 4/?
@PolitikMasFina The Clinton family has been responsible 4 an unfathomable amount of suffering 4 women here and abroad 2/?
RT @CBSNews: Judge throws drunk driver’s mom in jail for laughing at victim’s family in court
Jamies too blootered to be around my family😂
Q&A: A conversation with young adult author Andrew Smith: The writer will host a book signing and discussion at…
Shoutout to @erin_pelton, @GovRichardson & @SamanthaJPower for consistently highlighting this case. So happy for @janko1992 and his family.
RT @mtb_downhill: We will never forget you! You will forever be a Legend! R.I.P. Stevie Smith! Our hearts go out to his family...
RT @RalfLittle: Devastating to lose two members of my second family in one awful year. RIP Liz Smith. Goodbye Nana. Xxx
R.I.P polka dot. A true og. My prayers to the Smith family. Grew up with all of them. 💔
RT @bocasaints: LIBRA LIKES - being able to change their mind - small gestures - peace in all aspects of life - happiness for them and family
RT @RomanAtwood: Today was truly Heartbreaking.. not easy for the family. Thank you for being here. We love you
RT @OneTribeMag: Watch this Nigerian Family on Family Feud with Steve Harvey 😂
@hu observation of #AshWednesday in Smith Family Hall East 12pm. Catholic mass and distribution of ashes.
@b2lose Nice! We're looking forward to seeing the Smith family at our matches this season!
RT @pimpcey_: My niece and I are texting back and forth about how loud the family is upstairs PLEASE READ WHAT SHE WROTE
RT @ClucianaLuciana: #Blogpost: Julia Grego and Herbert “Minto” Smith by @afcoory who looks deeper into the mystique that is her family
RT @JMKTV: They're never gonna let Africans come on Family Feud again 😩😩😩