SMILEY10 - Sociala medier i Ludvika

RT @Imply: Communication is key for a relationship to work.
@jazmin_smiley10 😂😂😂😂 thank you. Sounds good💜💜
RT @theSTfans: you can't even text back but joyce byers' son still manages to talk to her through lights? try again.
@jazmin_smiley10 Smiley!!!! yes ma'am😂 unfortunately, I'm so serious
RT @FillWerrell: A husky blowing bubbles in his water bowl, that is all.
RT @majidalmaskati: You make me feel like I'm on holiday
RT @bIessly: in desperate need of a whole body massage, days of sleep, & a ticket to the Bahamas
@jazmin_smiley10 Awh thanks 😭 ily2💘
Happy birthday @cruz_damien ! I hope you have a fantastic birthday. You deserve it! 🎉🎈🙂
RT @BrennenTaylor: I can't fuck with you no more cuz you be acting extra
Getting sick 😧😷
RT @RomanAtwood: No Vlog today everyone. Working on something huge.Right back at it tomorrow :) thank you so much for understanding.
RT @RomanAtwood: NEW Vlog at 3pm est today! Destroying the cop car LIVE at 4pm est today! Lets do this!! Going to be HUGE!
RT @RomanAtwood: Completely destroying my police car LIVE in 2 hours!! Let's have some fun :) use this link to follow me -
RT @RomanAtwood: WELL... This was incredibly needed guys! Thank you for the amount of support! see live in 30 minutes :)
RT @RomanAtwood: We are struggling to get our live stream working... Servers are crashed! You guys are crazy. They are telling me 10 more minutes.
RT @RomanAtwood: I finally made it home!! WOOHOO!! Let's do this guys :) thank you for absolutely everything. see you soon :)
RT @RomanAtwood: Haha Look who is out!! Crazy rare to see :)
RT @RomanAtwood: Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. Thank you for two days off camera. All new vlogs start tomorrow :)👍
RT @RomanAtwood: $10,000 dollars to live stream my skydive, $6,000 for film crew, $4,200 for a custom made Smile More Parachute!! September 3rd!! We jump!
RT @RomanAtwood: All new daily vlogs start in 3 hours!! :) let's go!