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@grohmetgrouprf2 im not a pipeliner guy. I care about is small business tax and sanctions.
RT @dpeterfreund: I'm an independently employed, job-creating small business owner, and I approve this message.
RT @Carocaroq: @davidfrum Correct. He never made/managed anything.Just a bully w/ a small family business who made/lost $ scamming ppl, avoiding his debts.
Checkout how #SmallBusiness #Insurance works differently if you only sell online, are you paying too much?…
RT @ygaudry: #productivity: 13 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions For Your Small Business #SEO
@Barista_Life_ Ordering a Starbucks drink and/Or size when we are clearly and small business, not a starbucks🙃
RT @EntMagazine: Business Unusual | Just how important is Facebook for small businesses anyway?
RT @SKellyCEO: EU tariffs could impact a quarter of #smallbiz. Important Gov listens to ALL businesses in free trade negotiations. the Small Seller #blog, Facebook & Your Business the Early weeks #biztip The Small seller #blog Facebook & Your Business The Early Weeks #biztip
Terrible. If NL wants to grow small business needs to be a priority. Clearly it's not.
8 Tips to Improve Internal Communication at Your Small Business #communications #HR #management
RT @SamuelGuzik1: HR 3784 Signed today by President Obama- #smallbusiness now has an INDEPENDENT advocate at the SEC! @SBECouncil
VOTE 4 GENE - Artist Studio/Gallery's profile from the @FedEx Small Business Grant Contest #FedExGrant
RT @lynnemthomas: Freelancers are small businesses. Lots of them couldn't get health care before #ACA. #AHCA is bad for business.
9 Growth Hacks Any Small Business Can Implement
To Be or Not to Be: Pros and Cons of the Small Business LLC - Small Business Trends
Don't have time for #socialmedia? That's alright, we know a few people who can help:
RT @fsb_policy: .@suehusband explaining why taking on an apprentice is good for a small business. #FSB2017
Lessons of an #entrepreneur: 'rule #1 in business is to stay in business' | @guardian
Don't let taxes take more than their share of your profits. These tips can help reduce #SMB taxes.…
If you're a small business, chances are you're not dealing in state secrets. That doesn't mean you should ignore security.
5 MORE YouTube Channels Every Small Business Should Follow | for @YellBusiness
25 folks to follow for #smallbiz advice Anita C @smallbiztrends, CEO of Small Biz Trends, a…
RT @ArnoldViersen: Broken Promises: 1. Balanced budget by 2019 2. Reduce small business tax rate 3. Run deficits less than 10 billi…