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No go man, my mum used to whoop my ass when I scored only 80marks but I got over it with some Slurpee from 7-Eleven…
RT @RichardBarrow: I love this idea => เสื้อตัวนี้สีดำ ผมรักในหลวง "This shirt is black. I love The King" (Via @G_GaRaReD)
@Totori_thbot อยากได้ใจโทโทริซามะต้องทำยังไงคะ ฮิ๊วววว
@NarraNathan shoutout to you for making me crave a slurpee after i saw your vlog and i finally got one now👅
Kainis walang slurpee sa 7-eleven kanina.
someone be a great friend and bring me a slurpee pls omg
kitkat ft slurpee was the best treatment
RT @4sip: dalam banyak2 7eleven, 7eleven apa yang mesin slurpee dia elok?
So Billy and I have these free slurpee things.So we get sleepees. A LOT. One day we walk in and we're talking and the cashier says something
If you ever wondered what a salted caramel slurpee tastes like, it tastes bad, very bad.
So 7 eleven have salted caramel slurpees and they dont suck. Life is happy #slurpee
MelloYello Sonic, Grape Kool-Aid Sonic, Orange Crush Sonic, Sprite Sonic, Super Slurpee God Super Slurpee Sonic
RT @4sip: dalam banyak2 7eleven, 7eleven apa yang mesin slurpee dia elok?
should of got s slurpee
RT @MisterHeartz: ในแววตาทั้งคู่. ไม่รับรู้น่ะไร <3
RT @ICUSUB: เจ้าของโน็ตฯตั้งพาสเครื่องไว้3ครั้งถ้าใส่รหัสผิด3ครั้งเครื่องจะถ่ายรูปคนที่แฮคคอมเข้ามือถืออัตโนมัติและนี้คือสิ่ง…
@HawkeyeOnAir @963kscs I win these tickets, and I get you free @slurpee what do you say? #pickme93q
@Slurpee_Goddess Cocaine's a hell of a drug...😇😂
I really need a slurpee rn😢
@Slurpee_Goddess I guess u can borrow Fiona to cuddle she alone rn