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RT @Democracy_A2: @Jack_Slater @OwenJones84 Owen Jones , the man who backed : Chavez , Abbott, Russell Brand , Corbyn - what a complete idiot
RT @berniclrk: @Jack_Slater @OwenJones84 by advocating a belief system that is more xenophobic, homophobic and intolerant than any other religion?
RT @surfdadepressao: Happy Birthday legend Ke11y Slater
Christian Slater es más ‘Mr. Robot’ que nunca en estos comerciales de HP
I've disregarded my homework for about 20 minutes because I'm reading Gordon's replies to food pictures @GordonRamsay
RT @gator201052: another reason I LOVE TEXAS COUNTRY MUSIC they are all so chill and mess with each other 😂😂 @WilliamCGreen got jok…
RT @GordonRamsay: Over cooked eggs with worms ! No thanks
RT @Datarista: Many thanks to @SlaterTech_Fund for leading our successful and oversubscribed Seed Round at @Datarista
HP reinventa a segurança com uma nova série e o actor Christian Slater
RT @OpTicMaNiaC: Anyone else get paranoid when taking a leak at the urinal. I'm ready for anything. Anybody look at me wrong I'm startin' a fight.
@Artist_Slater lmao nah not even that wasn't even revenge that shit was just mad funny and well deserved 💀
RT @GordonRamsay: Congratulations I've never seen eggs that dry !!!
@SincerelySerene lmao your go to revenge plan
RT @GordonRamsay: Did this really start out as a piece of steak ? Disaster
RT @GordonRamsay: Look for a new flat mate..... quick
RT @nightbass: We're taking over Sound this Thurs 2/24 w/ @Lorenzosbeats @gSINDEN @stareyezzz & @peteyclicks, who's coming?…
RT @BiffyClyro: Amazing night @o2sbe for @WarChildUK and @BRITs . Thank you everyone - we are fucking knackered but buzzing. Hope y…
@Artist_Slater that shits hilarious it'll forever be my favorite joke