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@alyssaharad @andrhia I recently discovered someone I know well didn't know who Luke Skywalker's father was. So I guess anything's possible.
@OriginalFunko we need a jedi anakin skywalker funko pop
El dilema moral de: Anakin Skywalker mató a un pueblo entero de Tusken raiders y a toda la población Jedi. Sin embargo...
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@3orin87 検索より失礼いたします。 はじめまして こちらの鬼龍と鉄虎を 1つずつお譲りいただくことは可能でしょうか? ご検討よろしくお願いいたします。
@wtm_skywalker Will......I don't see it
定価以下( *´艸`) NIKE AIR JORDAN 1 RETRO HIGH OG 555088 106 [楽天] #rakuafl
RT @Vulnerable: people: "wait, u two aren't friends anymore??! but y'all used to be so close!" me:
Luke Skywalker — I Don't Like
@LilBB_Fenty my dad said he looked like Tyrone Power when he was younger and Cary Grant when he was older
@CCQ_PRI ¿Tiene el cinismo de hacerse el santo? Quiero verlo cuando le rinda cuentas al de Arriba.
#MarkHamill Mark Hamill #Autograph 3x5 card Star Wars signature Empire Jedi Luke Skywalker #StarWars #Skywalker
@wtm_skywalker not really😂😂
@adonis0402a 今年は あいっくすさん@iamtoxic1995 愛瑠さん@VertAnglais0109 あゆちゃん@ayuau_ もやさん@moya_skywalker に協力してもらってお祝いすることができました…