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RT @leahrussell__: The bitchiness and pettiness of some lassies at this age is a joke
All of you claiming Skye bank Amala is the best in Ibadan actually don't know shit!
@mintaellectual @SugaLover07 Skye how tall are you i never asked dkwkwk
RT @BADDEST_TEEKS: Sky & virgin WiFi are both equally shit as each other, why am I using 4G in my own yard abeg???
lembrei de quando vinha pra carolina nas férias e dormia no meio da skye do leo deus pq vc deixou isso acontecer
RT @kroseraleigh: i read an article that said if you saw your clone walking down the street you wouldn’t even realize it because your…
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RT @ThunderBrush: And one more little spoiler (not really) for new Skye, her 1p weapon. As before still very WIP
@SkyeSchnoodle Hope it went well Skye’S Mum. Great scarf.
RT @freckleejuicee: There is a tweet here in the replies that is very outta pocket. When you see it 😭
@FOG_E You just knew r/kappa would bring the fuck shit
@Jydeskillz The hype too much for amala skye. Iya Hadija gat me always
RT @Ska2Dancehall: Is she sitting on the ground at a public pool with no bottom on? Lol
RT @yungizzyy: me omw to my wedding after pre gaming too hard
nao esperava q o skye e o chou ficassem na frente do arturito ainda mais se tratando de votação popular 🤔
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@Molly_Skye_ Are u getting a brazilian again omg