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@suckkerfree not yet but I’m in there in April for my sis wedding so I def will ... but the ricans I know they food be hella salty 😩😭
@empyreanhoseok Really your sis wedding 😍😍 Amr pokkho thika congratulations janaiyo... 😊😊 Amk pic diyo biyer Dekhbo koto shajso tmi 😉
Hate being sick with a cold better be gone for my sis wedding on Friday Dx #cold #sick
So in the easiest way to say is, 2 of my parcels will be posted on Wednesday and Thursday is my ticket balik for my…
You’re all invited to my sis. wedding at Madakin tsaftan zazzau’s residence at col.Umar Dangiwa close u/rimi kaduna.
Then first week school kene hadap bulky order for erin engagement. Nak kene setting dessert table with my SIL. Afte…
Getting fitted for my sis wedding 😩😍😭 idk how I'm going to last through the wedding 😂
@syierareiys ohh hahahhaha tunglaa ada sis yg exol juga😂 btw congrats your sis wedding 💓✨
i know it sounds ridiculous but i saw someone who looks like G.O from mblaq in my sis wedding hshsjsksg. he is so stunning 😊😊🤭
Hello moots, I'm back from my big sis wedding
At my lil sis wedding congratulations Lidea Banks. Pictures coming soon — at The Word of Truth Center
I was a guest at Emuoghene Alicia Eguko my Acushla's elder sis wedding today, the first deeper life wedding I have…
Enjoying sis wedding with my brothers Done by (SRK) — feeling loved in Jamalpur
Facial time. Need to take good care of my face 'til my sis' wedding next month. 😄
@MangsAdventures Dead tired right now from everything😅. Today my little sis wedding. Hope you have a great time today 💜💜💜
Sis wedding, going traditional :)
We are preparing for my big sis wedding
@MissHugsSerena I'm okay but excited for my big sis wedding
Welp i got a 11 months to get fit for my baby sis wedding... 😅🧐
Going for a full on make up for my big sis’ wedding tonightttt! 🙊 Mudahan confident