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nagkakaisa talaga pagdating sa kalokohan eh HAHAHAHA sorry maam janine, sir patrick at maam alyssa 😂
RT @HrfcKolkata: @iHrithik Sir, we celebrated the success of #Kaabil also this celebration is for d joy that u r coming to Kolkata!…
RT @ejiltalk: New post: In memoriam: Professor Sir Nigel Rodley
@Astroguyz @AnneJirsch That phrase comes from the ballad of Sir Patrick Spens.
@NewWaveTrekkie I feel the same way about Sir Patrick 😭
The battle sir is not to the strong alone it is to the vigilant the active the brave. Patrick Henry yes
@WillJessen When I think of him I think "it's Sir Patrick, wonderful human being and amazing actor".
@gmbremer @heraldbulletin Adios Patrick . Going out on top is the best way to head off into the sunset. Thanks for your excellence, sir.
#ReserveMet on the framed, signed photo of Sir Patrick Hogan & Zabeel & gold-plated Zabeel shoe - currently $4,500…
RT @_tonyjefferson: @DavidJohnson31 you look like you in boot camp "cadet David Johnson sir" you look humble as hell lol you did your f…
I stopped asking questions when I found out that Sir Patrick Stewart will be playing the poop emoji in the emoji movie
My initial thoughts on Sir Patrick Stewart's role in Green Room:
RT @richard680news: Sir Ian Mckellen had the Picard meme on his protest sign at Saturday's #WomensMarch He and Patrick Stewart are long…
STILL talking about Sir Patrick's hair in 2017! – LOGAN Director James Mangold Explains Why Prof. X Has Hair Again
📷 srsfunny: Sir Patrick On Domestic Violence
Feb 8 | 1:00 Encore of the brilliant NO MAN'S LAND starring Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. Tickets:…
@SirPatStew Sir Patrick I am in need of some help. I am currently waiting for my second transplant I got my first kidney from my mom 2002
RT @GreencoreGroup: Saddened to hear of the passing of Sir Ken - condolences to his family.
RT @wickedrisster: FUUUUU--- when you add Letang (58) and Fleury (29), you get--SIDNEY PATRICK CROSBY, YOU EXPLAIN URSELF RN, SIR. #late2theparty
RT @CollegeisYours: Mr. Obama, We'd Like to Reach Even Higher. Can We Count On You, Sir? @erichoov @ewwaldo @valeriestrauss @MACACorg