Wtf is wrong with singtel
@arunlove888 Hi there, may i enquire if you are facing this difficulty on wired or wireless connection?
fuck singtel
@Singtel i mean i can't connect to wifi. am using paid data now.
@Singtel is there a problem with internet?
@RonaldVining the administrative fee of $10.70 will still apply.
@RonaldVining Because of this cancellation, I'm afraid that in order for the caller ID to be re-provisioned and re-activated,
@RonaldVining Hi, we had checked your account and can confirm that there was an authorized cancellation of the Caller-ID on 5 Oct 2016.
I almost fight singtel
@orapips Hey, do you also face this same signal strength on wired connection as well?
@anthonyctj Hey saw your tweet. Are you facing this on wired or wireless connection?
@irwinoroceo You're most welcomed. Cheers!
@Singtel_Ruz @SingtelSupport @Singtel Today also from evening, my fibre network is very slow. Please help to fix it..
@Singtel_Fizz I may have overlooked Datax3, I'll keep this in mind when re-contracting my current Combo 6. Thank you! :-)
@irwinoroceo As for data add-ons, I'd recommend you signing up for Datax3 if you are re-contracting or signing up for a new line
@irwinoroceo Hi yes the phone price is subjected to the plan that you intend to sign up for. You may refer to the link for more details
@Singtel @SingtelSupport my plan is 500mbps. But shows otherwise 👇🏻
@Michlsq Hey, have you downloaded My Singtel App? You can track your data usage from there.
@Singtel_Fizz Maybe I'll check the branch again this Saturday when the nice lady from last weekend returns lol
@Singtel_Fizz Hey thanks, I wanted to ask if the phone price changes depending on the SIM plan, or if a Combo plan can get a data add-on
@irwinoroceo Hey, saw your tweet. Need any help?