Can singtel activate my data faster plssss:(
@ravisharma70 area last night & rest assured will highlight your concerns to our Network engineers as well. (2/2)
@ravisharma70 Thanks for sharing that, and I do get where you're coming from. We'll verify if there was a maintenance in your (1)
@AILISI_ I'm assuming your data cap is 8gb yea. Did you disable your mobile data after that via the MySingtel app?
@notazhari Ah okay then. Glad to know we're still good ;) Feel free to tweet us 9am-11pm daily if you need any help yea. Cheers!
Singtel Net Profit Drops 5.6% to S$972 million in Q2
@PoetsAndPierrot Hey there, what sorta issues were you having with your Singtel services? We'd like to help if we can :)
@Venkatesh_2305 Hey, what sorta issues were you having with your WiFi at home last night?
@kevinqjk I couldn't help but notice your tweet! :( Is there something we can help you out with?
@HUIPINGGGG HAHAHA IKR SINGTEL... I wanna change liao la go to one republic or something
@EmperorCz Hi there! You can call our hotline/schedule a callback to check your eligibility :) Tho such vouchers are on a promo basis yea.
Singtel charged me additional $400 for nothing. WELL DONE WELL PLAYED 👏🏼
@BTSinluvvv Hey there, what sorta issues were you having with your WiFi last night? Are they persisting today?
@shahirahhh Hi Shahirah, are you still having issues w your WiFi? :( Do try rebooting your modem & ONT sequentially to resync the cnnxn yea.
@Singtel_Nurul @SingtelSupport so when in Tampines area send sms in advance
@Singtel_Sam @SingtelSupport it was planned maintenance chk my msg & call cntr confirmation.
@agustlisa Hey there! May I know which mobile handset you're referring to? :)
@Singtel_Nurul the app shows 7.97gb hence i stopped using. I checked the day before it was reset.
@ravisharma70 do carry out regular maintenance twice a month as well: I'm glad to know you're able to connect to (2)
@ravisharma70 your broadband again tho, do reach out to us if you need further help yea. :) (3/3)
@ravisharma70 Hi there, SMS notifications will generally be sent when there's a planned maintenance in specific areas, tho we (1)
@AILISI_ Hmm, you had checked it just before your billing cycle reset? And when you checked, may I know what was the data usage?
@teekayye_ my colleague whom you spoke with, and have them follow up on this as soon as possible. (2/2)
@teekayye_ Hey, that's odd! Apologies for that :( I do note that you requested to be contacted after 10am. Let me check on this w/ (1)
@tpeisi That's awesome to know, thanks for updating! Have a great Tuesday morning yea (stay dry!) :)