Singtel launches smart home solution starting from $25 a month
RT @ayunixdiyana: wifi at home is bloody ridiculous!!!! fibre or not 5g or not @Singtel you bloody do something about your horrendous wifi!!!!!!!!!!
Singtel launches smart home solution starting from $25 a month
@Singtel_Ruz it only started happening recently before i used to get between 500-700mbps average heres a screenshot…
@Singtel launches SmartHome solutions; includes home automation and security
@byReconz Can we check if it is an Gigabit Ethernet switch? If so, when did you face this issue of having slow download speed?
RT @techgoondu: Singtel offers home automation with new SmartHome service
@fyaridy oh yes I think u did mention dulu. I pergi iv Singtel ni kat Melaka. Tapi tolak time tu sbb telco. Lg stressful dr bank rasanya 😅
@SmileyKeith but yeah man, both Singtel and Starhub don't provide the "best" 3G out there! Hope you're enjoying Singapore so far man
Singtel rolls out smart home solution
@Singtel_Ruz pc and the motherboard ethernet port
Just ended a two-day training session for Singtel Consumer Sales group. Thanks guys for your lively participation!
@byReconz What device are you connected to and which network interface card is it using yea?
@issuffixn thrs a thing called mobile swap in singtel 👍🏻
Singtel launches smart home solution starting from $25 a month - The Straits Times #smarthomes #Singapore #tech
Singtel wants to get you started on a smart home subscription
@rose_doraemon haah,if nk try leh tgk kat jobstreet. zati check 2 3 hari lepas rasanya. cri company name singtel.
@Faddicti0n maseh singtel jgk tapi aku skrg direct under singtel
@byReconz Hey, are you facing this issue on the wired or wireless connection yea?
Singtel ลุยตลาด IoT ออกบริการ Singtel SmartHome ให้ผู้ใช้มีโซลูชั่นในบ้านผ่านแอพ via @blognone
Singapore Telco, Singtel, rolls out #SmartHome service to residents #telecom
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