well i dont have a bad reason to be a singer just i dont have the things that all in school. everybodyhave a spectacular celphones and i have just a to old

RT @CharlotteEHart1: Morning Peeps ... TITLE REVEAL AND SNIPPET ! So, as part of the foster an author thingy, I gave my blogger the...
قاوم للنهايه لتصنع ما قالو عنه مستحيل #الزمالك_يقدر💪💪
احبكم لو جيتوني
RT @QSezr: #Visage2K does this mean cos I'm close to 2k?☺, someone juice me please, help me get to 2k 😊
Me corte el mambo solo terriblemente
Taquilla récord dejó el primer duelo Magallanes-Caracas
RT @baldersbalders: @IanHallard @Markgatiss Ladies! Cinema Hades film club on Sunday. Curated by me!! Shoreditch, Sunday, 11am Rich Mix
RT @Sao__Tao: J aimerai taffer pour le GIGN mais sah j ai pas les couilles pour rentrer Ca me dirait "gogogo" je dirais "toi go d abord ouais 😐"
.@iSHIRAZONLY @aaliznat And in context of what the potential Bhakt wanted me to discuss, only interpretation by different Muslims matters.
RT @GusAgulla: Me estoy viniendo arriba.. a por eles!!
RT @alok_bhatt: 11. to me as his bro- just on principles if this is right or wrong; it was then that he opened up and revealed something libs need to think
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D'ailleurs c'était le principal défaut de mon ex, il me rendait folle 😣
I'm still wondering who called me private dawg, I swear that's childish af.
Voy a pedir que pongan ascensor en esta casa, o de ultima una cuerda; me partí él lomo en la escalera jaja
@ me next time 😒 RT @MOWHETT: Get you a nigga with no car so he can keep yours up...
RT @PepeluArteSacro: Muy recomendado. Feria de Vinos, Licores y Anisados de la Provincia de Sevilla -
@encheolted nah i think its fine. i found the old bday card u gave me last year and i laughed. :-)