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RT @nishipan_pan: 【森友学園問題】民進・辻元清美氏に新たな「3つの疑惑」 @Sankei_newsより ようやく産経が取り上げた。朝日と毎日はどうするよw
Schiff, Pelosi call on Nunes to recuse himself @CNNPolitics
RT @maggieNYT: This was rolled out a) as WH knew Intel committee wants to talk to Kushner and b) w hundreds of govt jobs unfilled
RT @_500yen: 民主党政権ではコンクリートから人へと言って、自民党政権の公共事業を見直しや補助金事業の削減していたのに、なぜか辻元清美の選挙区に14億円の国庫補助金\(^o^)/怪しいwww【森友学園問題】民進・辻元清美氏に新たな「3つの疑惑」
RT @glengyron: The head of politics at the ABC has a weird view on energy policy, which is shaping up to be election defining. It's a problem. #auspol
RT @EricLiptonNYT: Icahn hates EPA rule. Trump names him "Special Adviser" He then presses EPA, White House, POTUS to change rule.
White House Official May Have Violated Campaign Finance Laws via @MotherJones
RT @laboratorymembe: 民進・辻元清美氏に新たな「3つの疑惑」 ・幼稚園侵入 ・作業員派遣 ・14億値引き 「藪をつついて蛇を出す」「雉も鳴かずば打たれまい」というもので、現在も「事実がなかった証拠」を与党に狂ったように求める野党側に最大のブーメラン
RT @Latina1949: Memos: CEO of Russia's state oil company offered Trump allies a stake if sanctions lifted via @bi_politics
RT @_500yen: 民主党政権ではコンクリートから人へと言って、自民党政権の公共事業を見直しや補助金事業の削減していたのに、なぜか辻元清美の選挙区に14億円の国庫補助金\(^o^)/怪しいwww【森友学園問題】民進・辻元清美氏に新たな「3つの疑惑」
RT @JoeFreedomLove: FLASHBACK: Obama Regretted Filibuster of Samuel Alito
RT @TheDemocrats: 1⃣ Vote in 2018 2⃣ Flip the Senate 3⃣ SAVE ROE
RT @TheDemocrats: Trump's newest proposed executive action could set us back years on combating climate change:…
How to Include Politics in Your Marketing Without Turning Anyone Off
RT @funder: #BREAKING: Jared Kushner met in Dec with Putin owned bank under sanctions from US via @MarcusC22973194 #trumprussia
簡単に総選挙なんて口にしてもらいたくない。一度選挙をすると、どれだけの税金がかかるのか、理解しているのか。今、争点にしなければならないこともあるとは思えない。税金の無駄遣いは絶対に止めてほしい。 @Sankei_newsさんから
These laws are already in place. It's good to see the enforcement of said laws.
RT @ABCPolitics: .@SenSchumer: "If Speaker Ryan wants the House to have a credible investigation, he needs to replace Chairman Nunes…
RT @ShaunKing: My Latest Democrats are right to oppose Trump, but they must also present genuinely good ideas & policies as well.
RT @kgyp: BREAKING: @DevinNunes tells reporters he will not step down after @RepAdamSchiff calls for his recusal, says "everything is politics here"
Top House intel Democrat calls for Nunes recusal from Trump-Russia probe via the @FoxNews Android app
MT @tedcruz #WakeUpAmerica #charactermatters Politico: Freedom Caucus Had Secret Pact, Led to Plan's Fa via @newsmax
RT @horusan: 民進党の圧力に唯一負けなかったのは産経だけでしたか 【森友学園問題】民進・辻元清美氏に新たな「3つの疑惑」 本日の紙面にも掲載w
RT @molratty: It was earned and well-deserved. That not enough people believe it is what's profoundly destructive to politics.