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@Data_Simpsons Y según algunos puristas este sería el final de la serie por qué pasa de cuarto grado, siempre me he…
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: Die Simpsons - Bart wird vermisst (Teil 4)
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: Die Simpsons - Bart wird vermisst (Teil 3)
Ich mag das @YouTube-Video: Die Simpsons - Bart wird vermisst (Teil 2)
"Um, hi, Bart. I know you from school." --Ralph Wiggum Bart Sells His Soul (Episode 3F02) #Simpsons
RT @softieruibin: did everyone just forget that day in LA where zhengting looked like a picnic blanket, justin looked like a reversed…
Atribuí nota 8.5 ao episódio 30x1 - Bart's Not Dead de The Simpsons #bancodeseries
fine, if you really want to do do it but call him bart - from the simpsons, which is a bit odd but ya
@marielmartinezg Me recuerda al episodio de los simpsons de Bart Jr
@NCommentarys @Dancing_Mal Why does he sound like Bart's bully from the Simpsons
#3 The Thing and I (VII) - Bart and Lisa discover the Simpsons’ dark secret—that Marge and Homer have kept Bart’s e…
Están poniendo el capítulo de los Simpsons en el que me Marge, Bart y Lisa se dedican a probar platos de comida y qué hambre de verdad
@SatsuiH Bart vs the World for NES. Still an awesome Simpsons game lol
Apropos of nothing, this Simpsons joke (from Bart Gets an Elephant) has always annoyed me. Why wouldn't they want t…
@donaldwayneshi1 Its cheeks without the the the simpsons without bite!
All I ever wanted as a child was the hot chocolate Ned Flanders made for Bart in the simpsons movie
@Comer_1878 He’s got a willy like Bart Simpson on the simpsons movie 😂
Jimbo, Kearney And Dolph Makes Friends With Bart - The Simpsons
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“This is just another piece of (B)Art” —-> the Bart blackboard 👦🎨 #art #bart #blackboard #goodmorning #bonjour
@Data_Simpsons En la version larga Bart se roba la parada de colectivos.
RT @MWBloomfield1: 19 separate Bart Simpson tattoos made into 1 animation. #tattoo #tattoodesign #Simpsons #skateboarding #animation